Federation of World Peace and Love

11th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World — The Federation of World Peace and Love

Will Join the Conference with the Bell of Peace Which Has Travelled Around the Globe


The 11th International Conference of Chief Justice of the World (ICCJW) and the 2010 Global Symposium on Awakening Planetary Consciousness are to be held in Lucknow , India from December 10th – December 14th. Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, Zhangmenren (president) of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, President of the Federation of World Peace and Love, and the Honorary Vice-President and the member of Advisory Board of UN/NGO Association of World Citizens, is invited again by the founder of City Montessori School (CMS), Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, to attend the conferences with 40 mission members. Dr. Hong and the members will discuss how to respect international laws and improve global union and world peace with chief justices and important NGO representatives all over the world. In addition, they will also perform cultural exchange programs and conduct a bell-ringing ceremony of the Bell of Peace. The Bell , 240 kilograms in weight, has travelled around the globe and arrive at India , the continent with a long history of civilization, for the second time.

The ICCJW in this year will be opened on December 10th, the International Human Rights Day. More than 116 Chief Justices and around 100 important peace-makers from more than 63 countries are expected to attend this conference. In recognition of the importance and urgency of one world and rule of law, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi has held ICCJW every year since 2001 with the principles laid out in Article 51 of Indian constitution, “The State shall endeavour to promote international peace and security; maintain just and honourable relations between nations; foster respect for international law and treaty obligations in the dealings of organized peoples with one another; and encourage settlement of international disputes by arbitration.” It is expected that the new order of One World will be established through supports of chief justices around the world. In addition, the nearly 40,000 students in CMS have had the opportunity to develop the respect for rule of law through the organization of the conference and to become global citizens in the future. As of today, 358 chief justices, judges and heads of states from more than 92 countries have attended the conference.

Many papers published by Dr. Hong this year have advocated governments to be governed by law and be managed to fulfill people's demands in order to realize the basic human rights endowed by God.

Dr. Hong presented a paper in the 63rd UN/DPI/NGO Annual Assembly in Melbourne . The key message is the path towards global health lies in human rights protection within a found legal framework. The judicial and tax reforms are the check and balance of the tug of war between civilian rights and government power. The reforms are also an indicator of the level of sophistication of a society.

In witness of the urgent calls for mankind's survival, Dr. Hong especially convened “The 2010 World Summit on Human Rights for World Citizens” to advocate public awakening and collect the consolidated good will through essay-writings to benefit the planet and the people living on it.

More than 11,700 organizations from 196 countries all over the world participated in the activity. In addition, global heads of states and leaders, experts, scholars and professors from all walks of life, such as Dailai Lama, have also contributed with their essays. More than 195,000 articles have been submitted so far. In the trip to India , the World Love and Peace Cultural Goodwill Group will visit CMS and invite all the students and faculties to join this activity to safeguard the earth by good thoughts and articles.

The Goodwill Group will perform qigong, martial arts and dancing in the cultural exchange programs with friends from all around the world. In addition to responding Mr. Jagdish Gandhi's calls for children to live in a world safely protected by rule of law, the Goodwill Group hopes the bell-ringing will open a new page of love, peace, human rights and rule of law in world history.