Federation of World Peace and Love

2018 FOWPAL Annual Conference in New York

Ambassador Teburoro Tito of Kiribati to the UN and US lauds Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze as the “modern Confucius”

(Reported by Susan Wang-Selfridge, New York)

On April 6, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) hosted its 2018 Annual Conference at the Church of the Covenant in New York City. Members from all over the world gathered together to review the achievements in 2017 and discussed the action plan for the coming year. 

The president of FOWPAL, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze welcomed all members and pointed out, “Love comes from conscience, and FOWPAL will continue its mission in promoting love, peace and human rights and strive to secure a better environment for our future generations.”

H.E. Mr. Teburoro Tito, Ambassador of Kiribati to the UN and US, who shares FOWPAL’s ideals and visions about world peace and love, especially came to present a certificate of acknowledgement to Dr. Hong for the successful World Peace and Love Conference inside the UN headquarters in New York on April 5 and lauded Dr. Hong as the “modern Confucius.” Dr. Hong also presented a certificate of appreciation and gifts to Ambassador Tito for his dedicated efforts to promote world peace and love.

During the conference, a video was presented, featuring FOWPAL’s achievements from 2017 to present, including footage of recent ceremonies of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love, where 20 visionary leaders worldwide rang the Bell. The video clip also showcased FOWPAL’s journeys over the past year, where Dr. Hong led FOWPAL members to actively promote love and peace in over 15 countries.

Additionally, a panel discussion was conducted, and FOWPAL members shared their experiences in practicing love and peace. Michael Selfridge, director of communications of FOWPAL, indicated that a sincere heart can touch the depths of people’s hearts, transmitting love and caring. Jessica Lu, a high school sophomore, said that it is imperative to learn to love oneself. She also mentioned that only when people learn the wisdom of loving themselves, can they love others with true sincerity. Gill Wang, who was recently admitted to John Hopkins University for Fall 2018, stressed on the importance of exercising our conscience and treating others in ways we want to be treated. Joyce Huang, aged 14 and the youngest speaker, said that love and peace can be achieved with a generous heart. Under Dr. Hong’s guidance, FOWPAL members have been actively involved in the promotion of love and peace since a young age as the world’s sustainable future hinges on the younger generations!

One significant action plan of FOWPAL for the coming months is to take the “Love and Peace Resolution,” proposed by Dr. Hong and Ambassador Tito, to this September’s UN General Assembly for global implementation. FOWPAL will continue to work closely with leaders across the planet to enhance global partnerships for sustainable development.