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The 3rd Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities Safe Communities and Healthy Cities Lead to a Beautiful New World


The World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion held the 3rd Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities at the Taipei International Convention Center from October 20 to 22, 2005. Experts from more than 20 countries participated in the conference to discuss issues of the theme “Creating Safe Communities in Asian Context.”

As Professor Leif SvanstrOm, Chairman of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, indicated the importance of the community safety program in his welcome message. He said that the Community Safety Program of the World Health Organization was established in 1989 and has substantially increased its activities during the past one and a half decades. Research activities have increased as well as the development of a network of Safe Community programs around the world.

He also mentioned that the program has been able to attract a mix of practitioners, scientists, politicians and policy-makers as well as representatives from voluntary organizations etc. into a productive exchange of ideas and experiences.

Ms. Fen-ling Chen, a FOWPAL member who has been a volunteer for a long time, shared the meanings of safety to her from the bottom of heart. She said, in order to build a safety community, wisdom and cooperation is required; in addition, we need to change from our hearts to resolve conflicts and minimize unstable factors to create a harmonious society. She has to travel and work in the two sides of Taiwan Straits frequently, and used to lose her temper easily due to the bad attitudes of workers in Mainland China. However, after sharing the experience of love for the world around the world with Dr. Hong, she learned how to practice the concept of love and peace in the daily life. She changed her hearts to create a safe and harmonious work environment as well as to keep the business growing steadily. From her own experience, she shared that change of heart not only will achieve safety communities but also will promote the world peace.