Federation of World Peace and Love

Ambassador of the Central African Republic Rings the Bell of Peace
Peace Urgently Needed in Africa


H.E. Ms. Ambroisine Kpongo, Ambassador of the Central African Republic to the United Nations, attended the "2017 World Leader Summit of Love and Peace and Cultural Night” held by the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) in New York on September 21, the “International Day of Peace." She also rang the “Bell of World Peace and Love” and made a wish for peace around the world, particularly in countries undergoing crises and conflicts. “Peace in every heart, so love can be true," added the ambassador.

"It's a very great day for me!" said Ambassador Ambroisine Kpongo. Deeply touched by the joy and peace from the cultural night, she said, “This moment is really, really great for me. . . . We need peace in our hearts, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in every country in the world, and this was a big moment for me to say in all my heart. I love peace.”

This year FOWPAL held a series of summits and cultural exchange activities in New York during the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. The theme was "Call for Global Action: Awakening of Conscience for a Sustainable World,” and FOWPAL invited heads of state, ambassadors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and leaders from all fields to attend. At the event, the distinguished guests rang the “Bell of World Peace and Love” and made wishes for peace. FOWPAL hopes to transform the current chaotic world through consolidating people’s good intentions and kind hearts.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, president of FOWPAL, mentioned, “2017 is a turbulent year. Because of extreme weather patterns, environmental imbalance, unstable economy, and people’s heightened sense of insecurity, nations around the world are even more interdependent, and a move of a nation affects the rest of the globe. World leaders are actively searching and promoting policies that benefit their nations and people. As technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, it has far-reaching effects, creating connections that enable exchanges among people of diverse backgrounds and expediting the development of ‘one world,’ where all people are indispensable members of the big global family.”

Dr. Hong continued, “We believe that the opportunity for peace resides in the awakening of conscience in every individual. Conscience is the source of love and kindness. The key ingredients for changing the destiny of our planet are conscience and a heart of love and peace. Only continuous efforts of selfless love for the welfare of all mankind will bring about true progress of peace; only with perpetual development of love will there be hope for world peace.”

The summit also included cultural performances by FOWPAL’s international volunteers who, like angels, brought angelic singing, martial arts presentations, Eastern dances, energetic dances, and other performances. The performances were so fabulous that people in the audience were mesmerized.

The Bell of World Peace and Love has traveled with FOWPAL members to many countries around the world and gathered the wishes for peace from more than 300 bell ringers. On the night of September 21, when the cover on the golden bell was removed, the audience gasped and uttered, "WOW!" The audience members were also touched by the performances of the “angels.” "The energy they emitted seemed to awaken the conscience of the world!" an attendee said.

Additionally, young FOWPAL members presented martial arts demonstrations, including Chinese boxing, kungfu fans, and double staffs. Their presentations were so powerful that the whole room was electrified, with the audience applauding and cheering for the performers. During the last performance, the dancers even invited all honored guests to go on the stage to sing and dance together. The atmosphere was so uplifting, cheerful, and touching that some people were crying tears of joy.

"This is a beautiful night!" American photographer Franlois Bonneau happily danced with the performers. "I feel full of energy. I hope to see you again next year!" said Bonneau.

Dr. Ezikeanyi Sampson, a medical doctor from Nigeria with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA ), said that people sometimes in conflict situations act as if they don’t have conscience, especially global leaders in some places. “We need to wake our conscience up from sleep. With that, we’ll bring peace to all. We need to use the conscience to send messages and information to people. . . . We need to communicate. We need to talk to each other. With that, we’ll have peace and love in all,” said Dr. Sampson. Knowing that peace is much needed in Africa, he said, “I will not keep quiet. I will share what I learned today with people so that people will conscientiously relate to each other and talk about love and peace.”

"You are changing the world one person at a time!" Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, Community Mayor of Harlem and Goodwill Ambassador to Africa, said to FOWPAL members, and she continued, "I enjoyed dancing with everyone joining hands and being together as one.”