Federation of World Peace and Love

Conscience effect spreads to UN


A civil organization, with the belief that everyone can be good leaders, initiated the movement of “An Era of Conscience” and received supports all over the world. The principle of the movement suggested that if everyone could be a conscientious leader, do good deeds, and say good words, then they could bring out the best in themselves and the world. For the past few days, the streets of New York had been filled with their music, flash mobs, and interesting martial arts. They gave off an amiable, joyous vibe to the busy streets of New York. In addition, the “Era of Conscience” symbol, the smiling earth and the Conscience hand gesture, also created a wave of conscientious effects at UN. Many of the world representatives joined the promotion voluntarily.

On August, 27th Global delegates of several Non-Governmental Organizations gathered from all over for the opening of the 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference, which was hosted at the headquarters of United Nations in New York. One such organization is the Federation of World Peace and Love, FOWPAL, which began back in 2000 for the goal of the promoting world peace. For the past ten years, FOWPAL leader, also leader of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, attended the Conference and held activities such as the World Summit of Love and Peace, the ceremony of ringing the bell of peace, and cultural exchanges activities. Bell-ringers include 263 world leaders from 87 nations. This year, many Conscience volunteers gathered at New York from all over the world to promote this “Era of Conscience movement.”

“Era of Conscience” originated from FOWPAL, AWC, and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, and it had received enthusiastic responses from people such as Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunnus, President of Latvia, and Tanzanian Prime Minister. In addition to that, over 40 heads of states and governments and UN Ambassadors wrote to congratulate and promote the movement. Ever since August, 24th, the Conscience volunteers carried the smiling earth and “Era of Conscience” flags, and they, in hopes to better spread the movement, paid visits to all the delegates, whom mostly answered enthusiastically as well. In a short four days, the number of countries attending and helping the movement shot from 162 to 176 including: Andorra, Angola, Georgia, Luxembourg, Madagascar, and Montenegro.

Despite of their busy schedules, São Tomé and Príncipe Ambassador, Mr. Carlos Filomeno Agostinho das Neves, and UN Palau Ambassador Dr. Caleb Otto personally attended the gathering of conscience volunteers and listened to what the volunteers had to say. They were moved, and these important figures who shouldered international relations showed irreplaceable smiles as they held the Conscience gesture, which represented “Global Village, Conscience in All.”

UN Ukraine Embassy First Secretary, Mr. Yaroslav Golitsyn talked about the Ukraine war, and because of that, he was very moved by the conscientious idea; he gladly joined in promoting the “Era of Conscience.” UN Ivory Coast Delegate, Kemmth was convinced that conscience can promote stability and believed that peace is not just a word, but a stable, motivating force. Ivory Coast used to be one of the most prominent countries in West Africa, but because of its civil war, their economy was left devastated.

UN Equatorial Guinea Counsellor Mrs. Mangue was also moved by a few short FOWPAL videos. UN Minister Counselor of the Republic of Benin Counsellor Thierry Alia hoped for a future without war and pain. Two exuberant conscientious volunteer, a 17 year-old and a 26 year-old who expressed their wish to create the new era of conscience, ignited Mr. Alia’s heart as he thanked them for giving him hope for the future generations. He also encouraged the younger generation to live to the fullest and spread their influence in promoting the positive idea.

These international volunteers include Europeans, Americans, and Asians; they believe bringing out their inner conscience is the best way to contribute to human society. Their conscience is the reason why they are always able to have smile on their faces, and sharing their sincerity with others as well as captivating New York.