Federation of World Peace and Love

Conversation between Justice and Youth - An Era of Conscience VS Happiness Index of Bhutan


Can we give happiness to our next generations? What the future world will become? The 15th Conference of Chief Justice of the World commenced its seven-day event on December 10, 2014 at Locknow, India.

  Chief justices from many countries gathered to strive for children’s welfare, to discuss ways to unite the world through effective global governance with the help of global laws, and to dissolve the complicated problems the world is facing. However, a special youth forum was held on December 15, which was hosted by Association of World Citizens NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI (AWC), Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy (TJM). In the forum, opinions and expectation of future world of the youth were listened attentively. Participants of the forum included the Deputy Chief of Justice of Cambodia, Chin Malim, Judge of Bhutan, Kinley Dorji, India Justice, Alexander Thomas, students of the City Montessori School, and international volunteers of the Movement of An Era of Conscience, who crowded the forum.

The forum began by a group of volunteers from the Movement of An Era of Conscience singing the song “Love and Peace Song” and sharing the initiative and achievement of the Movement of An Era of Conscience. Later, a group of young people delivered their speeches with confidence and honesty. The founder of the City Montessori, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, attended the forum and gave his encouragement to the young people. The Judge of Bhutan said that they are the leaders and they should hold on to their chances to learn well. The exchange of opinions with judges strengthened the youth’s attention to the worldly affairs.

Bhutan is named the nation of happiness. Judge of Bhutan, Kinley Dorji, thanked the volunteers for bringing the messages of the Movement of An Era of Conscience and praised the movement a very noble one. He said, as a justice, he must have very clear conscience throughout a trial so that he can sleep well at night. Justice Kinley Dorji also pointed out “An Era of Conscience, it matches with the development philosophy, which has been followed by the Bhutanese government; that is the Gross National Happiness (GNH).” He further explained that Bhutan’s GNH is based on four pillars: the first is environmental protection, the second is protection and promotion of culture, the third is good governance, and the forth is sustainable development. Justice Dorji further confirmed that the Movement of An Era of Conscience matches GHN and will finally bring happiness to the people. In addition, he thinks that this kind of happiness can be duplicated and extended to the whole world through ways like the forum did.

Judge of Bhutan also urged “Our world is getting worse, since there is no end to people’s desire and greed. So I think the Movement of An Era of Conscience is a very timely calling for global attentions. Every world citizens should promote the program and refrain from infringing upon other people’s rights.”

Both at the beginning and at the end, the international volunteers of the Movement of An Era of Conscience sang the song “Love and Peace Song”; the song was like the sound of the angles spreading harmony and happiness, and all people started singing the tune of the song, which finally became a very warm and loving chorus. Later, the principal of the City Montessori School came forward asking possibility to teach his students the song.

During the conference, this group of volunteers from AWC, FOWPAL, and TJM shared with the participants the messages of the Movement of An Era of Conscience in a vivid way, saying that everybody can become a leader of conscience, and everybody can begin by saying good words and doing good things to enable a cycle of virtue. 2014 is the time to utilize energies of kindness and conscience to pave the way to sustainability. We all play a role in leading people to work jointly to counter the sufferings of all living creatures. Let's plow the seeds of goodness to create the virtuous cycle by entering into the era of conscience. The movement received great response from the chief justices, people of India, and the students. Many of them also wished to become volunteers.