Federation of World Peace and Love

The Discovery of Emerging Hope from Heart (An Interview of African Independence Television)


Journalist Ruth and Producer Chris, also a photographer, of the African Independence Television visited Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, President of FOWPAL on October 14, 2005.

After warmly received by members of FOWPAL, Ruth and Chris watched the film “We are One World.” Ruth admired FOWPAL’s efforts of spreading the spirit of love and peace around the world. However, she was puzzled by people’s willingness and commitments. She mentioned that Nigerian people are struggling for basic living, let alone working for the benefit of others. Ruth was especially worried that Nigerian culture is quickly being replaced in the process of westernization. She hoped to invite FOWPAL to her country and introduce the idea of love and peace, knowing that it will be a great help for the people.

However, Dr. Hong gave Ruth completely different viewpoints. Dr. Hong indicated that Nigeria has both culture and affluent natural resources, such as oil. Nigeria could be one of the richest countries in the world. However, wealth does no necessarily bring happiness. On the contrary, the wealth could well be the target of invasion. The most important is to have love. If every one has a heart of love and peace, everything will go smoothly and people are willing to help each other. Without love, war and fight will easily break out, with poverty, hunger and uneasiness to follow. Dr. Hong advised Ruth that changes should start from education and media will be a great help to one’s country. People need to have hope and address problems proactively. Dr. Hong encouraged Ruth to take actions and, others will follow suit. Little by little, everything will be getting better.

After listening Dr. Hong’s words, Ruth believes that the future generations are blessed. Before leaving, Ruth warmly hugged members of FOWPAL and promised to report the stories and help more people understand the idea of love and peace.

Looking at Ruth returning home with inspiration and mission, one can really understand the power of saving people’s hearts. In fact, the poverty problem in Africa with rich natural resources cannot be solved with financial aid. When Dr. Hong helps Ruth recognizes her own culture and responsibilities, a gleam of hope lights up in her heart. The power can be spreading out through the power to influence other people. Maybe, in the near future, Ruth’s reporting will be broadcasting around the world and bringing hopes to people in many different parts of the world. It is just like the flowers of goodness blossoming after the spring breeze blowing.