Federation of World Peace and Love

Fiji--the 100th Nation FOWPAL Has Visited for Cultural Exchange of Love and Peace

The Bell of World Peace and Love Rings in Fiji for the First Time

Fiji, one of the happiest countries in the world, was named the happiest nation in the world  according to the Gallup International End of Year Survey published in 2017. Fijians’ shining smiles and warm welcomes attract not only visitors but also an international peace organization. On July 23rd, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, President of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), led the FOWPAL delegation to visit Fiji. The delegation consists of 14 people, and they brought with them the Bell of World Peace and Love on the trip to spread the energy and messages of love and peace to Fijans. Fiji, called the Pearl of the South Pacific, is the 100th country that FOWPAL has visited, and the delegation celebrated this significant milestone in the island nation.

The friendship between Fiji and FOWPAL dates back to 2016, when FOWPAL hosted the ceremony of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love during the UN General Assembly. H.E. Mr. Luke Daunivalu, Deputy Permanent Representative of Fiji to the U.N., rang the Bell. On July 23rd, 2019, Dr. Hong led the FOWPAL delegation to travel to Fiji for the first time and visited the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts. The delegation was received by Minister Rosy Sofia Akbar. Dr. Hong shared with Minister Akbar his idea about love, conscience, a culture of peace as well as the Declaration of International Day of Conscience, which has been endorsed by people in 151 nations. Minister Akbar agreed with the declaration and endorsed it. Minister Akbar also rang the Bell of World Peace and Love and stated, “Love is the greatest power on earth. Love and embrace each other with care, compassion and goodness.” The peaceful sound of the Bell reverberated throughout the island nation and carried FOWPAL’s best wishes for Fijians and the world. To date, 357 visionary leaders in 110 nations have rung the Bell.

Minister Akbar felt deeply moved when ringing the Bell, and in return she presented to Dr. Hong a traditional Fijian bowl called tanoa, which represents that good friends share a drink together. Minister Akbar also invited the FOWPAL delegation to conduct cultural exchange at a school called Yat Sen School, where the delegation shared messages of love and peace with approximately 600 elementary and middle schoolers. Minister Akbar and the principal of the school Mrs. Kami Kamica accompanied the FOWPAL delegation the whole time during FOWPAL’s visit. The students were very excited; they cheerfully sang their school anthem to welcome the FOWPAL delegation. Young FOWPAL delegates presented energetic singing and dancing, and many teachers and students happily join them. The FOWPAL delegates also shared with them the meaning behind the Declaration of International Day of Conscience. As the principal, Mrs. Kamica took the lead to endorse the declaration, and her colleges and students followed suit.   

Another highlight of the joyful and peaceful cultural exchange was the delegation’s presentation of the “Love and Peace Song,” and the originally excited students started to listen attentively to the heart-warming and peaceful melody. In front of her students, Mrs. Kamica expressed her gratitude to the delegation. She said that Yat Sen School is an international school and stressed, “We always share the values of being respectful. We have to love one another. We have to be kind to everybody." "The program you’ve done this afternoon has helped our children a lot," added Mrs. Kamica.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, President of FOWPAL, proclaimed April 5 as the International Day of Conscience during the World Leader Summit of Love and Peace at the United Nations in Vienna this April. The proclamation received warm responses from around the world. In addition to Fiji, the FOWPAL delegation also visited six other nations in Oceania during its 19-day journey of peace. While in the Pacific region, the delegates promoted the endorsement campaign for the Declaration of International Day of Conscience, and 350 people from 30 countries and two territories had endorsed it. To date, people in 151 nations have endorsed the declaration. It is stated in the declaration, “Conscience is the wellspring of love; it is essential to awaken world citizens' conscience to promote love, tolerance, acceptance, and care among people, thus enhancing friendships, family bonds, and international relationships, which facilitates a united world, where all people work together for the common good.”

Motivated by love, FOWPAL has long been committed to uniting the hearts of global citizens through cultural exchanges, and it has forged friendships with many nations. FOWPAL reached an important milestone as it conducted cultural exchanges in Fiji. When visiting a traditional Fijian village, the FOWPAL delegates happily mingled with villagers and celebrated together the milestone of FOWPAL’s journey of peace, with Fiji being the 100th nation that FOWPAl has visited. Transcending the differences of nationality, race, and age, the FOWPAL delegates and the villagers embodied the notion that the world is a big family and we are all brothers and sisters.