Federation of World Peace and Love

Former Presidents and Chief Justices to Appeal for Global Cooperation to Protect Human Rights


On December 11, the 15th International Conference of Chief Justice of the World was held in New Delhi, India. City Motessori School (CMS) sponsored the conference. Founder of CMS, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi called on the world to pay attention to the two billion children who are in urgent need for immediate help, and people of the world should be united together, with conscience in mind, to strive for the safety for children of the world and human beings. Many participants also responded to the Movement of An Era of Conscience initiated by Dr. Hong Tao Tze, the Zan Men Ren of Tai Ji Men, and also endorsed the Declaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience, hoping to inspire people’s kindness and conscience to counter the sufferings of all and to create a new era of love and peace.

In the conference, former presidents of Romania, Croatia, and Albania, and four presiding and former Chief Justices were invited to deliver keynote speeches. They gave deep insights and elaboration of the status of contemporary human rights and child protection, and how people should do to achieve and implement such protection. They hope to unite those influential world leaders to help reform and promote human rights, and to create a future world where all children can live in happiness.

The presiding Chief Justice of Guyana, Carl Ashok Singh, said that the world has not done enough to protect the children; the gaps between the poor and the rich are still large. He thinks that chief justices should keep paying attention to the welfare of children and should make real contribution by assuming the duty of being the supervisors.

Former president of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, thinks that the world should be united together and through powerful social organizations to protect the children and next generations. People should seek for mutual understanding between different cultures to resolve the conflicts exist in human societies for so long, and to seek for a state of balance. He also thinks that the leader of a nation should respect the opinions of its citizens. He was a president elected by citizens and now it’s time for citizens to speak up for the culture of peace.

Former president of Croatia, Stjepan "Stipe" Mesić, said that he wishes from his heart that the situation ofusing war as a political measure can be terminated, and children in the future will enjoy a world that cannot possibly be imaged by children of current world.

  Former president of Albania stated that Albania has three levels of courts: the District Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. And there is also the Constitution Court to assume the responsibility of all human right related cases. Despite the institution is well organized, the policy for human right protection can never be complete. But he believes that, one day, people can take human rights as their faith.

Mr. Jagdish Gandhi said the world is facing very challenging subjects, such as international terrorism, global warming, and being on the verge of world war III; so the world is in urgent need to establish a powerful international legislative body to institute international laws not only to monitor the status of the protection of human rights and children’s welfare, but also have the power to impose sanction; so that a global harmony and balance can be established and people’s, especially children’s, safety can be ensured in the future. He also hoped that, through the endorsement of the Declaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience, more chief justices can join and promote the Movement of An Era of Conscience, can execute their duties with conscience in mind to eradicate injustice and unfairness, and to promote world peace.