Federation of World Peace and Love

FOWPAL Visits Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science Exchanging Ideas on a Culture of Peace

(By Pamela Chen, Ukraine)Spreading the message of love and peace, the delegation of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) traveled to Ukraine, the 93rd country that it visited. On April 2, 2019, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the President of FOWPAL, led the delegation to visit the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and meet with the Deputy Minister, Mr. Roman Greba, to share the importance of fostering conscience, love, and peace. FOWPAL’s values resonated with Mr. Greba. He said that the people of Ukraine remember the importance of peace after the Second World War. After being invaded by its neighbor, Ukrainians especially understand what peace means, said Mr. Greba. He thinks that peace and love are of paramount importance and that peace is precious for every country. Peace allows a country to head in the right direction, enabling it to create good economy and good relationships with other countries, added Mr. Greba.

Over the past 53 years, Dr. Hong has devoted himself to promoting love and peace. He mentioned that he shared with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI when they met in 2005: “No love, no peace. Peace needs love; love needs to be balanced.” In addition, Dr. Hong shared the wisdom of yin and yang: “If you can make good use of yin and yang at home, then you can achieve balance. That is love. If you only ‘talk’ about love and don’t show love from your heart, that will result in arguments.” Mr. Greba agreed with Dr. Hong’s philosophy and said that love is very important to everyone. 

Several members of the delegation are youth volunteers. Dr. Hong led them to visit Ukraine to nurture their capacity to help others and care about the world. Erica Wu is one of the young delegates. A high school senior, she will study at New York University Abu Dhabi this September, one of the most selective universities in the world. She was also offered a scholarship by the university. She shared with Mr. Greba, “I use the wisdom of yin and yang I've learned from Dr. Hong to treat learning as playing, so I can learn happily and enjoy studying.” Volunteering at FOWPAL, taking cultural exchange trips, and spreading the message of love and peace around the world have helped her develop communication skills and appreciation for different cultures. That is what made her stand out and get the scholarship.
One of the messages that FOWPAL emphasizes is the importance of passing on culture. As Dr. Hong shared with Mr. Greba, “Culture is very important because good culture will lead to good education, and good education will bring good economy.”

Dr. Hong encouraged all countries to foster a culture of conscience and integrate into their own cultures the strengths of other cultures and education systems, which will boost their economic growth. This concept is included in the Declaration of International Day of Conscience. It is hoped that all nations will promote a culture of peace with love and conscience. Mr. Greba agreed with such a concept and asked his colleagues to endorse the declaration together.

FOWPAL's visit brought cheerful energy to Mr. Greba and his colleagues. Dr. Olga Kothe, Mr. Greba’s co-worker, stated that the FOWPAL delegates brought her a smile and that she felt their positive energy when interacting with them. She said that she hoped to be like the FOWPAL delegates, who have joyful hearts. FOWPAL believes that if everyone in the world is happy, the world will soon be peaceful.