Federation of World Peace and Love

The Gandhi Award Recipient, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Advising the Global Chief Justices Six Times

The Movement of An Era of Conscience — At the 16th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (Part Two)


Youths Calling Out in 2015: Every Individual Should Share the Responsibility of Awakening the Conscience and Education for World Peace

Tai Ji Men dizis who take part in the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World of 2015 for the 6th time on the behalf of Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men, again bring inspiring and enlightening issues to the conference.  Of which the advocate of Era of Conscience movement and promotion for international unity raise positive echoes in the professional field of the Laws as well as Education.  The words in Dr. Hong’s essay, “In the face of the current environment and challenges, peace is no longer our common aspiration, but our shared responsibility” especially win the participants’ enthusiastic support at the conference.  The principals of CMS (City Montessori School) even inquires about Conscience related materials for promoting the Movement at their schools.  

The International Conference of Chief Justices of the World has been held since 2001 and has had attendees that came from 119 countries, including 886 heads of states, chief justices, judges, heads of states, and community leaders.  Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of the City Montessori School (CMS) who chairs the conference, stresses the importance of education.  He guides students to learn international affairs by participating in simulated UN conferences and voicing out opinions.  CMS, the world’s largest school that homes over 50,000 teaching staff and students, is the first school awarded the Peace Prize by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Looking back in 2007, Tai Ji Men dizis who attended the Conference for the first time, shared Dr. Hong’s essay ” The Education of World Citizens: A Harmonious Life and the Principle of Yin and Yang” and the vigorous action of “How One Good Thought Can Change the World” with other conference participants.  In 2008, they even brought the Bell of World Peace and Love that weighs 240 kilograms with them to the Conference in India.  They invited the leaders in the legal field to ring the Bell of Peace to spread positive influence among the world.  They also invited the CMS to take part in “one minute mediation”, and introduced the school “The Global Endorsement of Declarations for Human Rights of World Citizens and Peace” that was later endorsed by the CMS principals and 5,500 students.

Upon the second visit to India in 2010, “Love of the World, the Bell of Peace” was rung by His Holiness Dalai Lama, and a wish was made: “Real peace must be developed from within. As such it is important to quell the fire of hatred. That also has to come through education.” The Tai Ji Men Cultural Goodwill group also promotes the activity of safeguarding the planet with good articles and kind hearts to the conference participants.  On December 10, observed as the UN Human Rights Day, Minister Nakul Dubey, the Urban Development Minister of Uttar Pradesh of India, presents the Mahatma Gandhi Award to Dr. Hong for his contribution toward global consensus.  The award is established 11 years ago to highlight Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of "Adhere to the Truth", and has awarded 3 prize winners ever since.  Dr. Hong has brought several important topics to the Conference over the years.  In 2012, the newly aroused topic of “taxpayer’s human rights” drives the global attention to a new aspect of human rights.  In 2014-2015, the international movement of An Era of Conscience has inspired people globally and has received the recognition from 195 countries.


In 2010, Good Heart and Good Words Protecting Human Rights and Safeguarding the Earth ; Peace and Culture Sweeping India in 2010

The 11th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World takes place on December 10, 2010.  Attendees come from 63 countries, including 116 chief justices and representatives of NGOs.  Tai Ji Men dizis share with the conference participants how they carry out the act of love and peace, and respect for human rights, in response to the theme of the conference “Respect the Rule of Law for a United Globe”.  They also promote the event: “Protect Human Rights and Safeguard the Earth” by collecting good words.  The CMS enthusiastically support the activity.  Overall, the event has received over 195,000 articles from 196 countries globally.

The cultural performances presented by Tai Ji Men dizis for spreading the ideas of love and peace win numerous compliments such as, “You are all angels!” “That is the dance from heaven!” The India newspaper Hindustan Times highlights Tai Ji Men’s performances as “Colours of Culture.”  Geeta Gandhi, President & Chief Operating Officer of CMS expresses, “Your whole organization is the symbol of harmony, letting people feels the beauty of soul and passion. Your looks and continuous smiles bring the energy to people.” The Vice-Chairman of California Citizens for Global Issues, Mr. Jerry Tetalman says, “The peacock dance shows that people can have elegance and grace in life. As the issues of justice and environment exist in the world, we can look for the solutions with elegance and worry-free attitude like these dancers.  It is really very moving.”

In 2012, 53 Nations Respond to the Calling of “Taxpayer’s Human Rights.

From December 7 through December 10, the 13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World is held in the City Montessori School, Lucknow, India. Nearly 190 justices from 65 countries attend the conference. A day before the opening of the conference, H.E. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, president of India has received and greeted the participants from all countries that the members of Association of World Citizens not only give their regards to the president on behalf of Mr. Rene Wadlow, president of AWC, and Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, president of the Federation of World Peace and Love., but also share the Declaration of Taxpayer’s Human Rights.

The debts crises in Europe have resulted in global recession, austerity measures, tax increases, spending cuts and social welfares. Dr. Hong delivers a keynote speech, “Taxpayer's Human Rights in the 21st Century – the Combination of Theories and Practices”. It is hoped that the topic will be attended to by the chief justices of the world and better mechanism of protection for taxpayer's rights will be built to protect people’s basic rights. Since its global inception in India, 117 participants from 53 countries, including 17 chief justices and 57 judges, Governor-general of Tuvalu, Mayor of Lucknow City, Speaker of Uttar Pradesh of India, and the representatives from all walks of life have all endorsed the Declaration of Taxpayer’s Human Rights.

H.E.Sir lakoba T. Italel, Governor-general of Tuvalu stresses that “We have to strike a balance here because if we impose tax in the way that is no viable to any money earner, that person will be in suffer.” He further calls upon the international communities to pay attention to this issue. He states that “Incorporating the taxpayer’s human rights into the international law is a very good idea.  We have to notice that the tax levied to the tax payer should be reasonable to create win-win situation. This responsibility of course belongs to both the nation and people.”  

The Secretary General of the Court of the Middle America, Mr. Orlando Guerreo Mayorga says: “This declaration is very important. We must let the United Nations know about it so that taxpayer's human rights can be included in international covenants passed by the UN. The whole world needs this Declaration of Taxpayer's Human Rights. We pay taxes to the government in the hope that the tax dollars being put to good use and our fundamental freedom and basic rights protected. As such, our rights as citizens and taxpayers should be protected and the taxation must be ruled by law.”

Turkey lawyer, Ahmet Akcan, signs the Declaration of Taxpayer’s Human Rights, pointing out that “Turkish tax used to be very high. Even the consumer goods are charged with 18% VAT, and government takes away 60% tax from company which slows down the economy due to the high tax and no one can afford it. Government then decides to reform the tax system to lower the 18% VAT on consumer goods to only 1%. Other tax reforms also continue, including social welfares, and health insurances. The chance of people winning the tax dispute against government is very high like 80%.”  He further points out that “Since Turkey lowers the tax, the revenue of economy and government’s incomes have increased instead. Many nearby countries, like Saudi Arabia and Africa, have come to invest in Turkey.”

Hon. Barara Anderson of the United State Conference of Justice (The national decision making institute of the US legal system) says: “Taxpayer's human right is an important issue. Taxes are the financial sources of the governments. Taxation is a very important topic in all society. People should be informed clearly of the regulations of tax codes and the power to tax must be exercised very carefully by the government.”

The Judge of the Federal Civil Court of Argentina, Lily Rosa Flas says:” I have always been very interested in the topic of human rights. After reading your declaration, I could not agree more. I should bring these back to my country. I think the government must legally collect taxes and use them in lawful ways. We must make good use of the tax dollars in social welfares, peace endeavors, human rights and environmental protection, not for the interests of particular individuals or political parties. So, taxpayer's human rights must be protected and the collection of tax dollars must be well-managed.”

Mr. Justice Enrico Scoditti of Italy states that “In Italy, there is a court to handle the tax disputes with democratic legal procedures.”  He thanks the volunteers of AWC to bring out the issue of Taxpayer’s Human Rights, highlighting some countries not handling the related issues with timely legal procedures, and causing taxpayer’s issue to become human rights issue.  

The Chief Justice of Malta Highest Court, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vincent A. De. Gaetano, mentions that “All the EU member states endorse European Convention on Human Rights. When a ruling against human rights protection happens, people can appeal directly to Cour européenne des droits de l’homme. No matter which country this person comes from, like Turkey, Russia, Spain, France or Italy, he can appeal to the European Court of Human Rights directly as long as he feels violated in his own country.”   

In 2014, Chief Justices of the World Acclaim the ANEOC Movement for Safeguarding the Rule of Law and Human Rights with Conscience

The 15th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World is held from December 10-16, 2014 in Lucknow, India.  A total of 156 participants from 62 countries attend the conference, including: Chief Justices, judges, government officials and NGO delegates.  At the conference, Dr. Hong Tao-Tze presents his thesis of “World Citizen’s Awakening of Human Rights and Safeguarding Justice and Human Rights”.  Dr. Hong points out that the cause to weakening and instability of world peace is originated from the lack of respect for human rights and human dignity around the world today. He strongly advocates “An Era of Conscience” movement and emphasizes that “Awakening of conscience leads to citizens’ awakening. Awakening of conscience leads to justice. Safeguarding the laws by conscience ensures justice in the society. The implementation of “God-given human rights – for the people and abiding by the laws” ensures the everlasting peace and stability of a country."  Judge, Kinley Dorji, from Bhutan praises the movement of “An Era of Conscience” to be a very noble movement.  He states that “As a judge, at the end of the day, what I do is, when I hear the cases, and I give rather judgment, I always keep my conscience clear, if my conscience is clear, I can go to bed to sleep well.”  He affirms that “An Era of Conscience” matches with the Index of Gross National Happiness promoted by Bhutan Government. Chief justice of Sudan, Haider Ahmed Dafalla mentions that “Conscience means invitation to peace and we should express good conscience so as to make peace.”  Prakash Gupta, the first secretary of Indian Embassy to the United Nations, states that “The movement of “Era of Conscience” is a great idea.  What matters is the conscience in our heart, and we need to collect everyone’s power to help the world.”

Among the participants to the conference, there were five former Presidents of the states join the promotion of An Era of Conscience movement, including: H.E. Kgalema Motlanthe from South Africa, H.E. Emil Constantinescu from Romania, H.E. Stjepan Mesićm from Croatia, H.E. Rexhep Meidani from Albania, and H.E. Alexandre-Ferdinand Nguendet from the Central African Republic. H.E. Kgalema Motlanthe from South Africa says that” peace means more than absence of the war, means people must have goodwill. That is the basis of peace. Each and every country has to work out to build peace, ensure that people enjoy full human rights and other peace with themselves, and with our neighbors.”  Former president of Albania H.E. Rexhep Meidan states that Albania has three levels of courts: the District Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. And there is also the Constitution Court to assume the responsibility of all human right related cases. Despite the institution is well organized, the policy for human right protection can never be complete. But he believes that, one day, people can take human rights as their faith.”

During the conference, a total of 114 participants from 36 countries endorse the "Declaration for the Movement of an Era of Conscience". That includes 5 former presidents, the Minister of Parliamentary and Minority Affairs of India, Speaker of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh of India and Speaker of Nauru Parliament, Deputy Minister of the Cambodian Ministry of Justice, and 36 judges (including 4 Chief Justices). All of them respond warmly to the movement. They praise that “An Era of Conscience Movement " has the power to make people happy.