Federation of World Peace and Love

Grand Opening of the International Conference of Chief Justice of the World


The 15th Annual International Conference of Chief Justice of the World will be held from December 10 to 16, 2014 at Lucknow of India. Chief Justices from around the world will gather together and, in the name of welfare of the children, to discuss ways of uniting the world for children through enforceable world law and effective global governance to solve problems like worsening nuclear arm races, global climate change, civil wars, race wars, terrorism, drug abuse, poverty, and diseases that are endangering the human race.

Sponsor of the conference, the City Motessori School (CMS), is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest school by the number of pupils in a single city. Founder of the school, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi emphases on cultivating his students’ universal values of respect, tolerance, and peace, and expects the students to become excellent world citizens who have the abilities to deal with the ever complicating problems of the world. Owing to his ideas for education and achievement, Mr. Gandhi received the 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Mr. Jagdish Gandhi pointed out children are the hope for the future of the world and, in order to pass down his ideas of international cooperation and peace, the school has been holding annually the International Conference of Chief Justice of the World since 2001. On behave of children of the world, student representatives of the CMS appeal to the chief justices to protect their rights of existence. Until now, there have been 668 chief justices from 109 countries to join the conference. Mr. Jagdish Gandhi agrees with the Noble Prize Laurel Jan Timbergen’s opinion that no one single government can solve the many problems facing the world alone. The world needs a world government which can be achieved by enhancing the UN system. Mr. Jagdish Gandhi thinks that to further enhance the functions of the World Court helps to achieve this idea.

This year, the Movement of An Era of Conscience inspires a wave of unrest. For many times, UN/NGO Association for World Citizens (AWC), the Federation of World Love and Peace (FOWPAL), and the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy have joined the conference and; noticing the deteriorating international situations and global environment pressing imminent threats to human existence, they start the Movement of An Era of Conscience, hoping that everyone can speak words of conscience and do thing of conscience to promote the influence of virtue. Until now, there have been over 2,600 organizations from 185 countries who responded to the movement, including Noble Peace Prize Laurel Muhammad Yunus, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, and the President of the Republic of Latvia. Mr. Jagdish Gandhi also leads his students to passionately support the movement stating that the movement can make an impact to the world. “The movement of An Era of Conscience has the potential to bring about the significant political, social conformation, to inspire the fire of peace, to create a butterfly effect” said Gandhi. He further pointed out the movement’s importance. “Their value motive of uniting the flame of peace across the world can indeed create a butterfly effect. The movement can radically change the world’s destiny of mankind and direct the leaping goodness in abundance.” He admires the initiator of the movement, Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, and the volunteers who promote world peace around the world.

Safety of the world depends on a thought between virtue and evil. The Movement of An Era of Conscience will also be promoted in this year’s International Conference of Chief Justice. Dr. Hong will present his thesis of “World Citizen’s Awakening of Human Rights and Safeguarding Justice and Human Rights”, in which Dr. Hong points out laws are external regulations and conscience is inner rule of a person. Laws are man-made and conscience is God’s justice. Laws must be fair but conscience is naturally unselfish. Awakening of conscience leads to citizens’ awakening. Awakening of conscience leads to justice. Safeguarding the laws by conscience ensures justice in the society. The implementation of “God-given human rights – for the people and abiding by the laws” ensures the everlasting peace and stability of a country.

A group of international volunteers composing of young adults will be promoting the movement by ways of singing, playing videos, and youth conference, and they will invite everybody to join the global endorsement of the “Declaration of the Movement of An Era of Conscience”. They will also interact with the students by organizing vivid and interesting programs. The international volunteers of an era of conscience have also promoted the movement at UN in this August during the Annual Conference of the UN/NGO, where they received great response. Many of them also became volunteers. 2014 is the time to utilize energies of kindness and conscience to pave the way to sustainability. We all play a role in leading people to work jointly to counter the sufferings of all living creatures. Let's plow the seeds of goodness to create the virtuous cycle by entering into the era of conscience.