Federation of World Peace and Love

Key Men Turing the Key of the World

2005 World Summits of Love and Peace In response to the UN Reform 


Year 2005 is the United Nation’s 60th anniversary. Secretary General Kofi Annan specially invited heads of state from around the world to discuss ways of reaching the Millennium Development Goals. With an aim to commemorating the UN 60 years, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, Association of World Citizens and the American Humanist Association invited world leaders including heads of state and government, UN representatives, and NGO leaders to attend the five sessions of 2005 World Summits of Love and Peace held from September 7 to 15. The opening ceremony of the conference was held on September 7 at the Millennium Plaza Hotel.

Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, president of FOWPAL, delivered a speech entitled “Responding to the UN Reform, The Path to Global Survival – the Wisdom of Yin and Yang” in the opening ceremony. He indicated that the misery index for mankind is escalating because of the devastations caused by catastrophes such as hurricane Katrina and problems of wars and deseases, which are all results of inbalance in the nature. In addition to planning, internal reforms of the UN must also take into account issues related to human nature. Differences in ideas, practices, and needs have caused great difficulties for countries to make decisions. Integrating several unequal circles into one requires the wisdom of Yin and Yang. Therefore, Dr. Hong again advocates the idea of balance to overcome negative thoughts by turning them into positive ones. Dr. Hong emphasized that “When it comes to reform, we should always start from within ourselves.” Participants joined discussion and offered their valuable suggestions after Dr. Hong’s speech.

At the series of conferences, world leaders and important figures proposed effective reform plans to enhance global solidarity. Dr. Hong Dao-Tze proclaimed the Declaration of International Love and Peace Day and set every September 15 as the International Love and Peace Day. President Leonel Fernandez of Dominican Republic and Prime Minister Maatia Toafa of Tuvalu rang the Bell of Peace and endorsed the Declaration together with conference participants. President Leonel Fernandez made peace wish by saying that: May people from all over the world can respect each other, and may love and peace prevail forever.

After ringing the Bell of Peace, President Leonel Fernandez and distinguished guests were invited by host organizations to turn a symbolic key of the world as a commitment to moving the world for the better out of a thought of goodness. Program participants wish that citizens around the world are all happy and healthy and work together for a globe of harmony, mutual assistance and love.

The UN World Summit was concluded on September 16, 2005. But the journey to create a peaceful world is just beginning. World leaders are the keys to move the world forward. A thought of goodness will lead the world towards beautiful heaven. World leaders have, in the Summit of Love and Peace, engaged “the key to improve the world forward” to instill energies of love and peace to the UN meeting with historical importance. As long as we are committed to joint efforts, we will create a global village of peace and beauty.