Federation of World Peace and Love

A Present passed down by generations for A Peaceful world with beautify of life

The Visit of Freemasonry and the Childhood Burn Foundation of ROC 


On November 2, 2005, Grand Master Tsao of Freemasonry led a delegation of 19 members to visit Dr. Hong for the second time. Other than Freemasons, there were honorary guests from Aloha Shriners Temple Carawan, Aloha Shriners Temple, Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club, the Childhood Burn Foundation of ROC and Eastern Star. With the red ceremonial dress, the guests of Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club expressed their high respect for the visit.

Upon their arrival, members of Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) greeted the guests with the song “We Are One World” and shared the achievements of cultural goodwill trip around the world in the recent years. Dr. Hong received Grand Master Tsao amicably and congratulated him for being elected as the Grand Master. Dr. Hong said: ”New position means more responsibilities. Let’s do good deeds together. The benevolence will be rewarded with good fruits.” Dr. Hong also praised that all Freemasons are very outstanding in their respective fields. Carrying good intention in mind, we will move things forward smoothly.” Grand Master Chao also shared the history of the organization, as well as the other related ones derived from Freemasonry, such as Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club and Aloha which cover throughout Southeast Asia region. Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club is engaged in social welfare activities in the US. In the early days, handicap cases were the focus as they had been much more significant during that time. In recent years, their efforts turned to burned children who need help for rehabilitation in order to return to a normal life. Mr. Chao looked forward to further cooperation to establish a better environment for all.  

To welcome the Freemasonry who put emphasis on civil arts, Tai Ji Men had delicately prepared a cultural presentation. Before the performance, Dr. Hong explained to the honorary guests the significance of the program: “Tai Ji Yin and Yang contains civil and martial arts. The feather dance presented today is the ‘civil arts’ part. And it was reserved in ancient times for the emperor. The presentation in October for the National Day of ROC was the martial arts part which united formations, diagrams and the spirit of cohesiveness in one. When the western and the eastern united into one, the world will be in peace. World peace will be possible when love and peace is in everyone’s heart.”

When watching FOWPAL’s peace trip around the world, Dr. Edson S. Lott III, Patentate of the Aloha Shriners of the Pacific, was deeply touched and shared his feeling in return with enthusiasm. He is a doctor and member of the Childhood Burn Foundation. In September 2001, when the "Love of the World, Peace Cultural Goodwill Group" had overcome all difficulties and kept their promise to be at Honolulu to pray for the victims of the tragedy through the ceremonies of ringing the Bell of Peace, he was on the spot. He highly praise Dr. Hong for his idea of love and peace as it is what everyone in this world needs; He said:” Peace is a present, a legacy, and has been passed down from generation to generation to our grand grand sons. …… Without love, there will never be enough hospital. Safeguarding peace is the responsibility of every citizen of the globe. Today, many problems around the world should be resolved with peace. I strongly support FOWPAL’s idea.” Other guests also shared their volunteering experiences, hoping to jointly work together for the well-being of all humanity.

Although it was simply a courtesy visit, it was indeed a spiritual communication of wisdom. The sharing was full of sparkling ideas. The favorable interaction serves as a strong momentum to push the plan of world peace and love become more visible as everyone bears a benevolent virtue in heart. With joyful action taken, we help and serve all living creatures.