Federation of World Peace and Love

Prime Minister of Bahrain Receives the World Peace Culture Award


The Kingdom of Bahrain is the first country in the Persian Gulf region to discover and exploit oil, and is also the first to enter the post-oil economy of the Persian Gulf. In the Middle East, Bahrain is relatively moderate and open in their foreign policy which promotes the unity and cooperation between the Gulf countries.

In May 2017, Bahraini officials cordially invited Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the president of Federation of World Peace And Love (FOWPAL), and delegates of FOWPAL for a three-day visit to Bahrain (May 30 to June 1). During the visit, Dr. Hong exchanged his experiences of promoting love and peace worldwide and shared some of the influential papers he has published internationally with Bahraini leaders. The dedication and long-term commitment of Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze to promote love and peace internationally had received worldwide praises. The movement of “An Era of Conscience” launched in 2014 was widely promoted and quickly spread through all populated continents. Up to now, the movement has been responded by people from 197 nations and sending waves of positive energy globally.

H.E. Shaikh Hussam Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the president of H.R.H. the prime minister’s court of Bahrain was curious of how Dr. Hong led the FOWPAL members from around the world to hold thousands of love and peace cultural exchanges, hosting ceremonies of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love. He understands the great works that Dr. Hong has done in promoting peace internationally and mentioned that his work is worthy of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. The Cabinet Affairs Minister of Bahrain, Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al Mutawa pointed out the importance of Dr. Hong’s works. During the meeting, Dr. Hong shared his views on Yin and Yang philosophy, the wisdom of balance. He believes that with good cultures come good education, and with good education, there will be good economy. Dr. Hong also praised the Kingdom of Bahrain has taken the lead to adopt policies that support every initiative aimed at disseminating peace and love among nations and peoples.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the first Arab country to hold a parliamentary election as well as granted women the right to vote and stand in national elections. Since the first discovery of oil in early 1930s, the government of Bahrain has been committed to the overall development and reform of the country. Being fully aware of the oil resources is limited, the H.R.H Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has long been seeking potential development in various areas. In the past four decades, he has made major contributions to development and reform in education, health care, and social welfare systems of the country. Gradually, many large financial institutes have a presence in Bahrain and the country is known to have the fastest-growing economy in the Arab region.

Dr. Hong presented the World Peace Culture Award to H.R.H. Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa in recognition of his dedication in the past half century to cultural heritage conservations, promoting stability and harmony among the communities, and taking the lead in establishing the financial and harmonious cultural center in Arab region. The award was received by H.E. Shaikh Hussam Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the president of the prime minister’s court, on behalf of the H.R.H Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. In addition, Shaikh Hussam and other Bahraini government officials responded to the Movement of “An Era of Conscience.”

During the meeting, H.E. Shaikh Hussam Bin Isa Al Khalifa, president of H.R.H. the prime minister’s court, invited Dr. Hong and the delegation of FOWPAL returning to Bahrain for cultural exchanges in hopes of having the Bell of World Peace and Love ring in Bahrain, spreading the message of love and peace to more places so to inject more positive energy into the Persian Gulf region and the World. He also proposed to make cooperative efforts at the United Nations meetings.

The delegation was also invited to the Bahrain National Museum for a visit. The museum possess a rich collection of artifacts, some are as old as 9000 years from the Stone Age. It also includes exhibitions of Dilmun, Islamic and various Arabian customs and traditions. The buildings of museum situated at the coast of the Persian Gulf with an impressive grand foyer that characterized by its white travertine marble facade, a simple and trendy design. The size and magnificence of the museum buildings was considered the finest around the Middle East. This shows the respect and conservation efforts of Bahrainis to their history, culture and traditions.