Federation of World Peace and Love

Promoting Love and Smile of the Movement of an Era of Conscience Resonating the Bell of Peace at Stanford University


“The Awakening of Consciences, World Citizens Supporting Love and Peace” movement, arriving at the west coast in early June, surging and trending throughout Hollywood and Disney California Adventure Park, has reached the Bay Area in full blast.  On June 11th 10 a.m., at the Dinkelspiel Rehearsal Hall Braun Music Center in Stanford University, there will be the “Awakening of Conscience, Concert of Love and Peace”. The program kicks off with the “Love and Peace Song” performed by youth ages ranging from 8 to 23 wearing bright “Era of Conscience” t-shirts. With serene voices and a harmonious melody, the youth expresses the inner and suppressed wishes of people to return to a clean and pure state of self. From the founder of Stanford honoring his son to vowing to protect the rights and happiness of all children, one can sow the seeds of love to inspire a global unity which transcends nationality, race, and status.

At the prestigious Stanford University, renown for cultivating prodigies in all walks of life, we will host the special “Ceremony of Ringing the Bell of Peace.” Honorary guests such as Stanford physics professor and recipient of the 1996 Nobel Physics Prize Douglas Osheroff and Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves will ring the “Bell of World Peace and Love" whilst making a wish and vow towards peace in the world. The resonating sound of the bell, disseminating the messages of love and peace, cleanses the hearts of people, allowing them break through barriers and blocks, to communicate from the heart to one another. The “Bell of World Peace and Love” has journeyed throughout the five major continents has already been resonated by representatives from 87 countries, 267 leaders of all walks of life, 27 Heads of States, 7 Nobel Prize recipients, UN ambassadors, and leaders of influential NGOs.

 “Awakening of Conscience, Concert of Love and Peace” is hosted by the main promoters of the Era of Conscience movement, an international love and peace organization, a United Nations NGO, in conjunction with Stanford music professor Daisy Yua, to utilize both eastern and western instruments to express the messages of love and peace through the universal language of music. The performances contain renown pieces throughout of the world including, a Taiwanese classic song about female oyster farmer performed by an orchestra of violin, flute, and piano expresses the nostalgic flavor of an agricultural and suburban lifestyle. Two students Anna Yang and Caroline Hsu will perform on piano and violin respectively, pieces from famed composers Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Daisy Yu will also perform on Gu-qin, an ancient Chinese instrument. The program will also accommodate a rare infusion of eastern culture with a traditional lantern dance from female Tai Ji Men members. With graceful dancing and sweet smiles, they bring love and warmth. Also, the program contains qigong and martial arts demonstrations, including Chinese boxing, weaponry demonstration, and kung fu whilst singing. The strength of kung fu promotes living life to the fullest and for people to find inner strength and become their own heroes. From a stable foundation and years of experience, Tai Ji Men performers strive to awe the audience physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Activity Time    : June 11, 2015 (Thursday) 10:30--12:00

Activity Location: Dinkelspiel Rehearsal Hall Braun Music Center, Stanford University,


We invite all guests of the Era of Conscience Concert to take part in this movement of an Era of Conscience, lighting together the Conscience smiley globe together, spreading forth positive energy. The Era of Conscience already has pledges from citizens of 188 countries and co-promoted by over 3,000 organizations. Everyone must work together as a global family to promote this message of love and peace.  Tai Ji Men San Jose academy is located at 10590 South De Anza Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014.  Welcome all to visit our websites www.taijimen.org and www.aneoc.org