Federation of World Peace and Love

The Sound of the Golden Bell Brings Love, Peace and Harmony To The Golden State - California


(Reported by Susan Wang-Selfridge, Hollywood and Stanford)

 On June 6, 2015, the harmonious sound of the Federation of World Peace and Love's (FOWPAL) Golden Bell reverberated in the entertainment and media capital of the world – Hollywood: A rarely seen, ancient, and solemn ceremony of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love, was presented by Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, president of FOWPAL and its affiliates Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy (TJM), Association of World Citizens (AWC), and the World Film Institute at a red carpet event – "The Awakening of Conscience: World Citizens Supporting Love and Peace" at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City. At the ceremony, former member of the US House of Representatives, Diane E. Watson; award winning producer-writer-composer-lyricist, founder and president of Picture Book Productions, and president and CEO of The Family Film Awards and The Olympia Awards, Allan Jay Friedman; president of the Southern California Motion Picture Council, Randal Malone and founder of The Family Film Awards and The Olympia Awards, Antonio Gellini joined the prestigious ranks of "Bell of Peace" ringers: 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the former member of US House of Representative and the United States Ambassador to Micronesia (1999-2002), Dr. Diane E. Watson has dedicated more than three decades of her life to advocating for healthcare for the poor and children, racial equality and human rights. During the ceremony of ringing the Bell of Peace, 82 year young Dr. Watson expressed her desire, "What the world needs is more love, peace, faith and consciousness that we all are one in God's eyes. On this globe, the tensions that are around the world can be all eliminated if we learn to appreciate each other. We were created of all colors, all kinds, but we are all sisters and brothers in the eyes of the super power (God). So, let's join hands, and let's come together, and I congratulate all of you today because you are bringing us together in harmony, in peace to love each other; reduce the tensions on the globe by reaching out and taking each other by hand and moving forward, progressing forward, and that is the most important thing we can do in today's society, in this era that we live in, to reach out the arms around the globe to each other, all colors together in love, peace and harmony."

Allan Jay Friedman, a legendary award winning producer-writer-composer-lyricist, founder and president of Picture Book Productions, and president and CEO of the Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards. A Renaissance man, Mr. Friedman, as a former officer in the US Army, was granted a distinguished military award, then studied law and received a Master Degree in Public Health Administration at UCLA where he found his interest in elevating the spirit, mind and body. Through first class value-based-entertainment, Friedman has produced numerous works that focus on achieving the highest level of spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and environmental health. As an exemplary figure in Hollywood, his wish as a peace bell ringer was: "To transform the world from being mind-driven to heart-driven and make it a safe, free, and noble place for children." He also said, "I love what Dr. Hong is doing.  I'm trying to elevate the world through media and to bring love, peace and harmony through entertainment." 

Randal Malone, president of the Southern California Motion Picture Council was born as the sole living heir to a tobacco farming empire dating back to the early 19th century, but he was more attracted to working in show business and Hollywood than managing the family industry in Kentucky. Inspired by his grandmother's philanthropic endeavors, Mr. Malone provided much needed assistance to the Motion Picture Home - a home for retired or infirmed actors - raising and donating money for the home and arranging for inspirational visits from other Hollywood stars. At an interview right after the ceremony, Malone shared, "You receive so many beautiful messages and positive energy from this room.  It was quite an experience…. It's like a spiritual experience.  Everyone was so wonderful and so lovely.  I don't think I know any other way to spend an afternoon than to have spent it here….I rang the bell.  I felt like a positive energy soaring through me like a very, very good vibration….I felt ringing the bell sent out a positive energy to everyone in the room and hopefully even beyond that.  I wished for peace and love within everybody's heart.  If you have love in your heart, you can even have peace. There is no peace without love.  There is no love without peace. If everybody has love and peace in their heart, you'll be at peace with yourself; you can accomplish more. Love is the answer to everything."

A diplomat's son, who has lived in 23 countries and fluent in at least five languages, participated at the Berlin International Film Festival when he was only 17 years old; with his mother's encouragement, he earned a Ph. D. in Cinema –Antonio Gellini, an entertainment icon, visionary and founder of the World Film Institute, Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards once said, "Arts are like a bell ringing for life, love, family and all that is worth living for, as it touches humanity's heart, imprinting joy upon generations and writing a smile upon the souls of many spirits for thousands of years to come, long after its creator has been called back to its CREATOR." Being the first honored guest and the 264th ringer of the Bell of World Peace and Love, Dr. Gellini spoke passionately, "It's such an honor to be here. It's just all about love and peace because the movement is all about peace and love and harmony. So, I am standing side by side with Dr. Hong to make life a better experience for everyone." Adding, "Knowing Dr. Hong and Tai Ji Men, I am no longer alone; I am with them."

The golden bell continued its journey to Northern California, in the morning of June 11th, FOWPAL hosted "Awakening of Conscience, Concert of Love and Peace" at the Braun Music Center in Stanford University where the "Ceremony of Ringing Bell of World Peace and Love" was the focal point of the event. Honorary guests Stanford physics professor and recipient of the 1996 Nobel Physics Prize Douglas Osheroff and Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves rang the "Bell of World Peace and Love" and made wishes and vows in support of peace in the world. 

Dr. Douglas Osheroff is a physicist known for his work in experimental condensed matter physics, in particular for his co-discovery of super fluidity in Helium-3 and was granted the Nobel Physics Prize in 1996. During the bell ringing ceremony, Dr. Osheroff made his wish, "May love and joy bring peace to all those who share this wonderful planet that we all share, enjoy together both now and for eons to come." He further expressed," This (conscience) is something the audience must get back. It deepens their hearts, they realize that this is something that was very worthwhile. I certainly do. I hope that I can come back to do something to keep this going forward. It's a wonderful event. All the things I was talking about had to do with conscience."

Four- time mayor, voted as Milpitas' Best Elected Official, City of Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves made his wish, "I wish real peace, prosperity for the world. Love, care and good heart for each and everyone here, of course my city, and the United States and the whole world." "Today is very encouraging and very inspiring because everybody's dream is a peaceful and happy world. I am very happy to have this big group of people this strong to say yes to an Era of Conscience who help promoting love and peace around the world; so that, we'll have not only beautiful but happy world like one big family." When asking to share his feeling of being a Bell of World Peace and Love ringer, Mr. Esteves said, "Ok, I am a big part also of bringing peace, announcing the value of peace and love. More importantly, I would like to represent each and every person that we have the obligation to contribute to be part of the whole world." On his view of taking concrete actions to apply conscience in the context of education, Mayor Esteves said, "It should be part of the education process. It's not only academics, but just like arts, this is an area similar to ethics. Why do we practice all ethics, moral value, and now An Era of Conscience should also be considered."

For nearly two decades, the Bell of World Peace and Love has traveled to every populated continent of the world and has garnered the energy of love and peace from across the planet. To date, 269 visionaries from 87 nations have rung the "Bell of World Peace and Love" including 27 heads of state and heads of government agencies, 8 Nobel Prize laureates, UN ambassadors, and leaders in various fields. Going forward, it will continue on an inspired journey to motivate people of the world to join together in the endeavor to spread love, peace and harmony around the globe for a brighter future of all Earth kind!