Federation of World Peace and Love

United Nations World Children’s Day 2020
Protecting Children’s Rights and Happiness with Love and Conscience


Children are our future, and safeguarding their rights and improving their well-being is of paramount importance. The Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) hosted a virtual forum in celebration of World Children’s Day on November 20, 2020. Educators, visionary leaders, and children enthusiastically shared their thoughts on this day to promote children’s rights and happiness. The event received over 5,000 views.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the president of FOWPAL, delivered his welcome remarks, emphasizing, “Whether children or adults, each of us has an “inner child” just as everyone has conscience. We should seek and protect “this inner child--this pure heart” because it can lead us to a real state of happiness.” He also mentioned, “It is necessary to provide children with a healthy and safe environment to grow up in, and to cultivate children's positive thinking based on love, to inspire their inner conscience, and implement these principles in their daily lives. Love can nourish the soul, and conscience guides individuals to tell right from wrong, as well as good from evil, and make the right choices in life. Only love and conscience can unite people to realize peace together, benefiting people and making the world a better place.”

Mrs. Reema Harrysingh-Carmona, former First Lady of Trinidad and Tobago, pointed out areas that can be improved with respect to the protection of children’s rights and welfare. She said, “If we wish to be really serious about the rights of the children, we adults must recognize and appreciate in real terms, the importance of our intra and intergenerational responsibility and accountability to the children of the world. We must therefore recommit ourselves to creating the kind of world that allows for a happy contented child."

On behalf of 55,000 children, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of the world’s largest school, City Montessori School in India, urged everyone to work together to safeguard the future of the world's over 2.5 billion children and the generations yet to be born. He also expressed his appreciation to the organizer of this meaningful event: “It is really a commendable effort by FOWPAL to create awareness that children must be listened to and we adults ensure that they get the respect they deserve and their rights are ensured.”

“Education is key in uplifting, encouraging and inspiring our children,” said Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, a teacher and the president of Youth for Human Rights International in the U.S. She highlighted the importance of the promotion and practice of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the protection of children and youth. She also mentioned, “In the spirit of World Children’s Day, let’s teach and promote human rights, international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, improve children’s health, welfare and wonderful futures!”


“This day underlines and celebrates the significance of children in our lives,” said Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal, the world's first image scientist & impact strategist and a recipient of the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra Award, instituted by the UN, encouraging everyone to “continue to work towards a beautiful future, where the world stays united in the defence of children and childhood, and where we strive to ensure better lives, greater opportunities and more rights for children.”

“On Universal Children’s Day and every day, children’s rights need to be respected, protected, and fulfilled,” said Amina L. Weewo, the representative of the Flame of Peace in Bahrain, urging people to start with themselves, open their hearts, share their love and care, and make the world a much better place. Peter Jam, a Lebanese-Armenian peacebuilding artist, encouraged people to work together and provide peace education to children to help them become much better leaders.  

Dr. Ramesh Kumar, head and associate professor of political science at S.D. College in India, said that it is imperative to nurture children and help them become conscientious and courageous youth ready for global cooperative actions. He also mentioned, "It is the need of the hour to inculcate essential values among all the children around us. Some of these values can be promoted via establishing a culture for truth, non-violence, righteous conduct, preservation of natural abundance and vitality of the Earth."

Prof. Rene Wadlow, the president of the Association of World Citizens, pointed out the significance of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. He said, “By creating a common legal framework of world law, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has increased levels of governmental accountability, bringing about legislative and international reforms and increasing international cooperation.”

In addition to adult speakers, children from around the world, including Aditi Banerjee, Levinika Chaudhary, Sukrati Shah, Kaushiki Sahu, Aashvi Arora, also sent in their messages in support of the day. Ivan Ricardi in Mexico presented a music video featuring a very beautiful song with subtitles in Spanish, English, and Chinese, encouraging people to find the courage, love, and peace in their hearts to change the world. Youth for Human Rights International shared the vision of a fair and free world through a video. 

FOWPAL presented a video titled “Be the Spark,” a very beautiful and peaceful song titled “Calling of Conscience,” and a puppet show to remind people to find their “inner child,” follow the guidance of their conscience, and be the spark that lights up the world!

If you missed this wonderful live stream, you can watch the video recording here: