Federation of World Peace and Love

The World’s largest school---the City Montessori School in India, answers FOWPAL's call to safeguard the earth

Energy Boys and Energy Girls share energy with the students of the school



The City Montessori School in Lucknow , India , will host the 9 th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World from December 12 to 15. The school, founded in 1959, is the world's largest school in one city, with 26 campuses and 35,000 students from pre-school through high school. Mr. Gandhi, the founder, inspired by the “Catch Them Young” program, has devoted his life to children's education and hopes that, through spiritual and moral education, he can equip his students with the qualities of an ideal world citizen. Mr. Gandhi responded favorably to the “Global Endorsement of the Declarations for Human Rights of World Citizens and Peace,” a campaign promoted by the Cultural Goodwill Group of World Peace and Love. Nearly one million people from 184 countries have endorsed the declarations online. Mr. Gandhi made special arrangements for the group to hold endorsement events on two of his school campuses--- Rajajipuram and Aliganj, with 2500 and 3000 students respectively. The principals of the schools, Mrs. Deepika Watal and Mrs. Gauri Khanna personally received the group and endorsed the declarations.


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren (leader) of Tai Ji Men, proclaimed, “The 21 st century is a time of countless changes. New trends in the world as well as the vision of the future will greatly impact the hearts of the young people. In ancient China , an emperor would have his civil and martial officials teach the princes reading and martial arts. Through a variety of activities, the princes were to absorb wisdom, become inspired, learn the philosophy of yin and yang, and learn to tell right from wrong. Many young members in the Cultural Goodwill Group of World Peace and Love are students who have practiced qigong and cultivated their hearts in Tai Ji Men since they were little. Thoroughly imbued with their experiences from this excellent traditional culture, they have learned both civil and martial arts and the philosophy of yin and yang. In Tai Ji Men, an environment that provides them with multiple learning experiences, they have learned to contribute positively to society. Therefore, they are willing to spend their own time and money participating in cultural exchange activities for the public welfare, such as promoting human rights education on campuses and promoting the “Global Endorsement of the Declarations for Human Rights of World Citizens and Peace.” Through their involvement in these events, they have learned to overcome difficulties, change their attitude toward life, bringing out the best in them and display endless energy full of confidence, courage, and joy. In their interaction with the students of the City Montessori School(CMS), the FOWPAL members shared with the CMS students their experiences of using wisdom, positive attitudes, and a heart of joy to overcome the challenges that they face in school and in the parent-child relationships.


The students of the City Montessori School will become the future elites of their society; therefore, it is especially important to equip them with the ability to solve problems in life with wisdom and to expand their hearts to love not only themselves but others as well. The Cultural Goodwill Group of World Peace and Love is composed of Tai Ji Men members, FOWPAL members, and AWC members of Taiwan . The group presented lively dramas, video, personal life stories to the CMS students to inspire them to pay attention to the common problems facing all humanity such as wars, poverty, global warming, AIDS, cancer, and depression. Because a single good thought from a person can positively impact the world, each person is encouraged to become a good influence and to love and respect oneself, others, and the environment. During the endorsement events, the teachers and students were invited to participate in a one-minute meditation and to make a wish for a better world. This way, a great amount of joyful energy would spread to the world via the internet. One good thought could indeed improve the world.


Energy Boys and Energy Girls, dressed in bright orange jackets and blue jeans, also attended the 5 th Annual Youth Assembly in the United Nations in August and the 61 st Annual DPI/NGO Conference in Paris in September, 2008. Through the guidance and training they have received from Dr. Hong in their daily practice, they continue to spread energy and power to others. Their radiant and confident smiles transmit a tremendous amount of energy as powerful as that from a power plant. They hope that all people will respond favorably to their good cause inspired through their displays of super vitality. Principal Mrs. Gauri Khanna stated that she was appreciative to the group for bringing the message of love and peace. The goal of the City Montessori School is also to transmit love and peace. Mr. Gandhi has devoted his life to world unity and peace. Mrs. Khanna praised the group for what it had done after she watched its “energy dance.” Although she did not join the dance, she was touched and felt energized. She believes the students will be able to get more focused when they have energy, and their actions will inspire more people to do the same. The Cultural Goodwill Group of World Peace and Love also presented to the principals certificates of appreciation for cultural exchange.


Some students of the Montessori School mentioned that they were struck by the images of the devastating natural disasters and man-made calamities in the video and that they will remember them forever. They expressed that like the Energy Boys and Energy Girls very much because they think the Energy Boys and Energy Girls are incredible and full of energy. After the dance, the students shared with the group their wishes of love and peace and exchanged contact information with the Energy Boys and Energy Girls. Before the end of the event, the teachers and students joined the “Global Endorsement of the Declarations for Human Rights of World Citizens and Peace” to show their determination to safeguard the planet and their intention to take actions starting from themselves.