Federation of World Peace and Love

World Peace and Love Conference at UN Headquarters

Representatives from 22 missions to the UN and a consulate general jointly promote sustainable development

Love and peace resonated at the UN on April 5, 2018 as the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) co-organized the World Peace and Love Conference with the Permanent Mission of Kiribati to the UN and Association of World Citizens at Conference Room 11. Honored guests from 32 nations, including representatives  from 22 missions to the UN and a consulate general, attended the event, sincerely exchanging their views on love, peace, and sustainable development. 

Chair of the conference, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, President of FOWPAL, delivered a welcome speech, emphasizing that conscience-based solidarity is the key to strengthening global partnerships for the world’s sustainable development. He continued, saying, “As long as we continue to inspire people to activate their conscience, kindness, intuitive ability, and good deeds, we can generate good interactions, sparking beneficial cycles among world citizens. Through sincere interactions, we can communicate heart to heart. With a culture of conscience, we can achieve peaceful and sustainable development worldwide.”

Dr. Hong’s speech was followed by a panel discussion moderated by H.E. Mr. Teburoro Tito, Ambassador of Kiribati to the UN and U.S., who said, “The first part is really shaking us here and making us feel that by the end of the session, we will be really full of love and peace. Thank you, Dr. Hong, for your kind words, for your presentation. It reminds me of Confucius. From young days I used to read about the words of what Confucius said, this and that. You always gather much from the writings and from the wisdom of Confucius, who is Chinese, same as you—Dr. Hong, and I think you are the modern Confucius.”

The first panelist, H.E. Mr. Lot Dzonzi, Deputy Permanent Representative of Malawi to the UN, used the interdependence between the buffalo and the zebra to illustrate the importance of partnerships and used a rainbow to show the significance of inclusion because the beauty of a rainbow lies in its diversity and totality. He stated, “Isn’t it time really that we humans learn from nature. We learn that our sustainable survival on this planet, our progress, and our prosperity is dependent on partnership and our peaceful coexistence.”


The second panelist, H.E. Mr. Sam T. Condor, Ambassador of Saint Kitts and Nevis to the UN, said, “We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and so mankind’s salvation rests on each other and must endeavor to strive for a world of peace and love. And so it gives me great pleasure to join with the Federation of World Peace and Love, FOWPAL, the Permanent Mission of Kiribati, and the Association of World Citizens to share in this World Peace and Love Conference.”

The third panelist, H.E. Mr. Ali'ioaiga Feturi Elisaia, Ambassador of Samoa to the UN, stated, “Partnership is part of Samoa's DNA. It is an enabler, a facilitator, and  importantly, the means to implement the 2030 agenda. In fact, our ability to achieve the other 16 SDGs hinges upon the collective willingness of our government, our development partners, our business community, society, and NGOs to work together to form meaningful partnerships as required by SDGs 17.”

During the open discussion session, the deputy ambassadors of Australia and Bahrain to the UN, the UN ambassador of Tuvalu, and representatives of various organizations took the floor to share their thoughts and visions about the theme of the conference.

At the end of the conference, Ms. Stefanie Amadeo, U.S. Deputy Representative to ECOSOC, the United States Mission to the UN, mentioned that she was glad to feel the love and peace in the room and to be reminded again of the importance of love and peace. She also stated that the world will be a better place when there is more love and peace, as many philosophers have said.

H.E. Ms. Amparo Mele Colifa, Deputy Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the UN, said the event was a heartfelt event. She also expressed, “We really hope that this kind of events could be more frequently held in this place.”

Ms. Ana Santos, a delegate from the Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN, said, “I think it was a really well attended, really successful meeting. I’m actually sorry for the people that couldn’t attend this meeting because it’s something you don’t want to miss. . . . So I really hope the word would be spread and that the videos they recorded go viral and because it’s something that everybody should know and should be on the agenda of the UN.”

The event also resonated with many world leaders, as the organizers received congratulatory letters from the leaders of Austria, Bahrain, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, the Philippines, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, and Zambia.

The moderator Ambassador Tito thanked all speakers for making time for the event and sharing their insights and concluded the event by encouraging his ambassadorial colleagues to work together to propose a peace resolution in a future UN General Assembly to continue to transform our world.





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