Federation of World Peace and Love

Youth Promote Peace with Dance at Times Square to Celebrate International Day of Peace

“I hope peace in the world!” September 21st is the International Day of Peace. At New York’s Times Square gathered many non-governmental organizations, chanting slogans of peace.  The beautiful singing of a group of young “angels of love and peace” attracted visitors and warmed their hearts while an Eastern “dragon horse dance” energized the onlookers to join the young dancers, who were promoting world peace.

These young performers are volunteers from the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), who were invited by Good News Broadcast to attend the Peace Day Party. While the 72nd UN General Assembly is taking place, North Korea’s recent missile tests have created a tense atmosphere for the assembly, making the International Day of Peace ever more important.     

The United Nations established the “International Day of Peace” in 2001. Its founding ideals include gathering all member states, regional organizations, and individuals to celebrate the International Day of Peace through diverse ways, and work with the United Nations to achieve global ceasefire.

Starting in 2002, Good News Broadcast has since been hosting the Peace Day Party on September 21st of every year in response to the International Day of Peace to wish the world love and peace. Many NGOs, including FOWPAL, have been invited to attend this year’s event. FOWPAL has traveled across the world to promote the principles of love and peace through cultural performances.  FOWPAL not only carried out cross-cultural exchanges, but also delivered the message of love and peace to inject calmness into people’s hearts in these chaotic times. NGOs at the event also expressed their wish for world peace through talks, singing, praying, and many other ways.

This world is a wonderful place filled with kindness and loving people, said the event coordinator Paul Sladkus. Mr. Sladkus was pleased to see FOWPAL volunteers radiating positive energy. If everyone can listen to some messages related to peace, perhaps violence and killings can be avoided, added Sladkus.

Hollywood’s TV host Munni Irone is an ambassador of peace for the event. “From this event, I have received a lot of positive energy, especially the love and peace spread by FOWPAL that created positive changes for the world and unified our hearts!”

David Filkins and his wife Mika traveled from Chicago to New York on a business trip. They were captivated by the music played during the Peace Day Party. “Seeing so many people coming from all corners of the world, from different religious background, together celebrating International Day of Peace. This is fantastic!”

German tourist Angelika Gutgahr happened to see the celebration and joined the Peace Day Party. “So lucky!” she exclaimed. She felt the atmosphere was peaceful and free, especially when seeing so many young FOWPAL volunteers bringing positive energy and hope.