Federation of World Peace and Love

The 61st Anniversary UN NGO/DPI Annual Conference
The Factor Affecting the Direction of the World’s Destiny
After the Year 2008

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze (Shi-he)
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
President of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Honorary Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of
Association of World Citizens UN/NGO/DPI/ECOSOC
President of Dr. Hong Tao Tze Culture and Education Foundation
September 4, 2008

The world is talking about the issue of global warming. Is it because of fear or because we are lucky that the environment has not yet eliminated us?  No one wants to be eliminated by the environment.  The factor affecting the direction of the world’s destiny depends on how human beings react.  A healthy forest can only grow in a good environment.

In this crucial era, when a situation endangers one’s life or even interests, one may be tempted to leave his good friends behind. It is a natural human reaction.  However, for our common interests, we should discuss how members of a civil society should assist each other to respect and practice human rights through deep thought or brainstorming. “Human rights originate from love and respect among people.”  Only oppressed people know disrespected citizens feel.   In addition to state interests, we call for all governments of the world to think about treating its people with absolute dignity, fairness, justice, equality, and friendship.   I personally have experienced the struggle for human rights and deeply understand that the rise and decline of nations is definitely correlated to their respect of human rights.  The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights highlights dignity, justice and that everyone being included.  It is a great idea.  A principle everyone in the world should practice.

I suggest that every one of us should look from within our hearts at our surrounding environment and examine frequency of occurrences of man-made and natural disasters throughout the world. We should care more about the health of our relatives, good friends and ourselves.  I understand that the people of the world are facing pain and the feeling of helplessness and need hope and guidance. Peace is built upon the foundation of balance. Peace originates from the harmony between humanity and nature.  We can even deduce that peace is a human right.

I have travelled throughout the five continents of the world.  Through cultural exchanges and putting the idea of human rights into practice through love and peace, I deeply understand how people desire and value peace especially in times of war. In some regions, three generations of families have lived where human rights are violated and both freedom and peace have been lost.   They can’t experience the true meaning of “freedom of heart”.  After three generations, the family still lives in poverty without peace or human rights.  Similar to the value-added through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we would like to accumulate together more goodness to add to the value of human rights.

It is an uneasy year.  After the year 2008, the greatest factor affecting the direction of the world’s destiny lies on the world’s ability to work together to save the Earth.  What happens in one corner of the world will affect every other country.  The lives of the human beings of the world are deeply inter-dependent. We have only one Earth, which has given 6.7 billion people and millions of species equal opportunities to live.  If our hearts and spirits stop evolving, then we will not survive. Human beings have hindered their own growth. It’s time to awaken our spirits and face this challenge ourselves. 

The mass media are often seen as fulfilling the vitally important role of the fourth estate.  How can the media be inspired to report news on human rights?  The media should not report any negative or false news to affect people’s mind.  We must call the media to report news of truth, fairness and justice.  Through the media’s positive reporting, voices of kindness will appear in society and the world, and people’s kind hearts will be elevated and grow.  We should not restrain the capabilities of our hearts and ears anymore.  We should learn to hear the unheard, see the unseen and know the unknown, the things which are the truth.  When people are not deceived by what they see or think, they are on the path of love, peace and human rights which helps people to be happier and happier.

Let me describe to you a phenomenon through a story.

“A  Mother Eagle Teaching Her Baby-eagles to Fly”

A mother eagle built her nest on the top of a cliff surrounded by steep rocks.  With four chicks in the nest, the burden on the mother eagle to feed her babies and teach them to survive was quite heavy.  The four baby-birds grew well and fast.  However, two of them ate more and moved less than the other two.  One day, the mother eagle suddenly pushed her baby birds out of the nest.  The surprised birds spread up their wings and flew.  The mother eagle repeated did so one at time and was surprised to discover that two of her babies couldn’t fly.  To help the two birds, the mother eagle dived to save them after pushing them out of the nest.  The mother had trained her baby-eagles in this way for several months.  However, this time was different.  Instead of diving to save baby-eagles, she pushed her baby-eagles out of the nest and watched them fall towards the ground.  She screamed in mid-air encouraging them to fly on their own but they did not fly; instead they fell to the ground and did not move anymore, after which she flew away.

The story reminds us that if an individual, an organization, or even a state doesn’t work hard or make breakthroughs, then no matter how many chances they are blessed with from heaven, they will fail.  Not everything has a sample to follow.  Changes sometimes occur from a process of regeneration and spiritual evolution.  The bigger the organization or the higher the position the more difficult it can be to see through the truth.  Because, they have become fixed in their ways, I suggest for them to change from within their heart to soften their stubborn true heart. Everything can be changed as long as there is determination enough. 

In putting human rights into actions and experiences, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, the UN/NGO Association of World Citizens, and the President of Dr. Hong Tao Tze Culture and Education Foundation, through the ceremony of ringing the Bell of Peace, cultural exchanges, world summits on love and peace, seminars, workshops, concerts and dialogues of wisdom with heads of states and world leaders; promote the philosophy that “Peace originates from the harmony between mankind and nature. Human rights originate from mutual respect among people. Turning our thoughts into good thoughts and inspiring the world to safeguard human rights and practice peace.”  When everyone of us is willingly to take actions together and change ourselves and collectively safeguard our common home - the earth, the future of the world will be filled with hope.

In 2008, news of natural disasters and wars have been reported one after another and the ecosystem of the earth is endangered.  I wrote four letters on collectively safeguarding the earth to Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, His Holiness Pope, heads of state, UN ambassadors, UN NGO leaders and world leaders.  I am pleased to have received more than 500 letters sent in response to my call to action, some of leaders also sent videos to show their support and reply to my ideas.  With such an outpouring of support, I proclaimed the “Declaration of Global Efforts to Safeguard the Earth” on July 13.  The Mirror of Heaven shows that when the blue sky is no longer there, when life is no longer invigorating, we should reflect upon what mankind has done and return to the basics and human beings must endeavor to safeguard the earth.

Global warming, environmental degradation, poverty, disease and death caused by war have created severe casualties, panic and troubled minds. The earth is our only home. We have to cooperate to prevent and reduce the occurrences of disasters. We have been fortunate to be able to live on this land of peace. The thoughts in our hearts are a source of invisible energy. We all have a limitless power generator in our hearts and we should direct our energy to the most appropriate and productive use. The world originated from one big family. All creatures are brothers and sisters. Peace brings stability, development and prosperity.

I hereby urge the UN Secretary General, heads of states, UN ambassadors, NGO leaders and all people to spread the positive energy of loving the earth in order to stabilize the magnetic fields of the planet. Making good wishes comes first and must be followed by actions. We should constantly remind ourselves of the wishes we made and dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to making the wishes come true. We should soothe the earth with the energy of love and benevolence and promote world peace with peaceful determination. Let’s strive for the realization of global human rights. Let’s work collectively to safeguard the earth and improve the world’s destiny.

In closing, I wish you all the best and the smooth development of your organization, success for the 61st UN NGO/DPI Annual Conference, and your country to be blessed with safety and prosperity and world peace.