Federation of World Peace and Love

Declaration of International Love and Peace Day

The world is like a great gear in motion. Heads of State and world leaders are the keys to moving the world forward. Our destiny in this world is tightly intertwined and in our hands we hold the state of balance for world peace. The world is alive because influential global leaders gather together at the UN at this critical time. This is a place full of the energy of hope. As the most important information exchange center in the world, New York City and the UN hold the key to the world's development.

WHEREAS love is at the root of everything and the foundation of peace is built on balance;

WHEREAS the concept of love and peace is a signal for world peace;

WHEREAS people's needs and aspirations should be fulfilled;

WHEREAS love is the starting point, the method of peace is the process, and balanced wisdom is of critical necessity;

WHEREAS capricious changes in the global climate and the deterioration of the environment have negative impact on people's health and emotions;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that people should learn never to allow emotions to influence their decisions, and learn that wisdom can be developed through tranquility. By following these suggestions, one can become a world citizen who approaches difficulties and obstacles with a positive attitude and possess the wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang, which allows one to manage evil with goodness. Through wisdom and the concept of love and peace, we can find the best, most rapid, most beneficial, and correct way to facilitate UN reform and assist every country. It is the path for the UN and all countries to follow.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that when there is no love, there is no peace. Peace needs love and love needs to be balanced. The way to achieving balance is very important. Love of the world is a goal worth our lifelong pursuit, and shouldering the responsibility is a worthy commitment. God is watching over us and He will guide us.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that every country will be more concerned than ever for other countries, and that sincere friendship will last longer, with the world united and solidified like a family. Although the road to the future is long, the sunshine after the storm is especially beautiful. Love of the world is our aspiration and there is no denying that we are one world. A bright future is in our hands. As long as we have sunlight in our hearts, the world will have light as well.

This is a day for international unity. Let's proclaim September 15 of each year as the "International Love and Peace Day." May peace, stability and security befall us.


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Shih-ho
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Millennium UN Plaza Hotel
New York, New York, USA