Federation of World Peace and Love

Developing a New World of Love and Peace


September 9, 2004


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning!

Culture is the root of a country and the heart is the foundation of peace. Love is the origin of everything. The rapid development of a century will be recorded in his history. Every citizen in the world has the right to express general opinions and ideas. If the world is plunged into chaos, which is caused by international professionals’ study and research, we are not only the victims but also accomplices of culture degeneration.

What should we do? A mistake can be corrected by a call, a fax or an e-mail.  Awakening one’s conscience and generating good news reports are what every citizen can do. What should the world of the future be? To enhance the concrete actions of our citizens is important. Love serves as a starting point, and cultural education is an important element to expedite peace. If we want peace, we have to take into account the concept of balance. Through my experiences and years of accumulated wisdom, the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, the Federation of World Peace and Love and UN/NGO the Association of World Citizens, which I lead, have successful traveled across five continents with the Bell of World Love and Peace. We have accomplished many missions of love and peace.

Excellent cultural education comes from a pure heart. Through activities of multi-cultural exchange, people are able to understand and enjoy culture. Tai Ji Men is an ancient menpai (school), which has been passed down thousands of years. For the past forty years Tai Ji Men has nourished people’s hearts with excellent culture and hereby has demonstrated that ancient culture with new vitality has positive influence on the world. Through joint activities, cultural exchanges and seminars on health and wisdom, the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy has helped improve the development of people’s spirituality, contribute to global stability, safety and serenity.

The age of the connection of the global information websites and huge world internet explorers is inevitable. The future world can also be called one with a touch of a finger because each “key” has tremendous effects. That key can be good or evil; therefore, it requires wisdom to distinguish right from wrong, and true from false. Love of the world will make one world possible. With love from the heart, peace will not be too far away. We have to admit that human beings and the balance of nature are interdependent, which will protect and make the life of the earth last forever. The development of the world should be based on love and peace.

What all mankind need is cultural education of peace. People from the highest levels to the grass roots are respected because they have respect for the living. This is interaction between the results of yin and yang, which we have practiced. Good and evil must at last have their reward. For this reason, we have received support from many heads of state and world leaders and recognition. They are willing to join us to promote “Love and Peace.” We hope that people of the world are healthy physically and mentally. Developing a world of “Love and Peace” is a must in the 21st century. We will awaken  goodness in people’s hearts and people’s good intentions so that they do good to all humanity and create a harmonious world, and everybody will lead a happy life.    

Finally I wish you happiness and success. Thank you!