Federation of World Peace and Love

First UN International Day of Conscience

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze 
President of Federation of World Peace and Love 
Apr. 5, 2020, the International Day of Conscience

April 5, 2020 is the first UN International Day of Conscience. In two days, April 7 will be the World Health Day. No matter where you are located in this planet, we are now facing together the grave challenge brought forth by coronavirus. Thanks to the virus, ironically, we have come to realize how closely connected we are among peoples and nations and between human race and other living creatures.
Our well-being is highly correlated with our conscience. Conscience brings real health, and both are what we need urgently right now. At the time when we are fighting the disease, we must extend our appreciations to researchers and caregivers in different international organizations, state governments, and NGOs for their painstaking efforts in saving lives. Let’s pray for ourselves, for our families, and for the world with the positive energy of conscience. 
The most important task now is to find the cure for this disease. This endeavor of developing a cure is to be anchored upon the guidance and energy source of conscience.
Since April 5, 2018, the Federation of World Peace and Love has convened many meetings with UN ambassadors in New York and Vienna to promote the culture of peace with love and conscience. The efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain are highly appreciated for making the International Day of Conscience possible. This is a global movement of solidarity towards peace and sustainability. I also would like to thank you all who support the observance of the International Day of Conscience. No matter where you are, we are creating together a culture of conscience that saves mankind and makes love, peace and human dignities prevail. 
Conscience is the inner strength that everyone is endowed with. It leads us to engage dialogues with our inner self and to take actions of conscience. It helps us see hopes amid fears and develop a stronger heart and soul. It guides us to look inward to find the true self and demonstrates the best of humanities.  However, it takes practice to listen to the calling of conscience. During the process we will get to know better the choices we make and the prices we pay. 
A culture of conscience needs to be promoted to reach more people in order to make an impact. Let’s all strive to be a promoter of conscience culture at work, at home and in life. My dear fellow conscience builders, we are all on the same boat. Let’s count on one another to sail towards our common goal, following the guidance of the conscience compass in this unchartered water.
Every spark of conscience will light up the sky in darkness. Conscience and confidence will be fortified after being tested. 
May everyone be encouraged by conscience to be fearless. 
May everyone be inspired by conscience to find wisdom.
May health, love and peace prevail on Earth.