Federation of World Peace and Love

Human Rights - Cherish Peace and Harmony in Life

Famara Sanyang

International Member, Federation of World Peace and Love


As an honorary member of Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) and stunt advocator of Tai Ji Men Martial Arts Academic who raises the banner of peace, love and harmony in the whole world, I find it very worthwhile to share with fellow world citizens my opinion about human rights.

Human rights are critical issues and very much relative to world peace, love and harmony. Every person has some certain rights and which simply denote that each person has a right to be, to do or to have.  These rights have to be guaranteed, respected and protected against any intruders. We cannot talk about peace, love and harmony in the world without educating and guaranteeing the fundamental basic rights of every human being. Nowadays, when we have the issues of human right abuses our minds are often focused on only governments and various authorities but I beg to deviate a little bit from that assertion. Human right issues embodied all and sundries.

Charity begins at home as the adage goes. Do parents often preach and inform the children about their basic fundamental human rights? Not in all instances, in other parts of the world children are denied of their rights such as the right to basic education, decent lives, and social values. In fact, it is so unfortunate and sad that some of them are very vulnerable to child trafficking, child labor, child soldier and all sorts of in human treatments. 

Have we sat to contemplate on the faith of the children who are born in the atrocities and enormous loss of lives; for instance in the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestine endless war and in some parts of Africa – the Darfur and DR Congo regions unrests; that how many of those children have been denied their basic fundamental human rights? It is sad to believe that human beings only pursue their selfish desire, power and greed to the extent of condemning the innocent and powerless to death. Just fancy when a bomb is dropped or a suicide-bomber blows him or her up; how many innocent lives, and properties are destroyed? They are enormous. I wonder what kind of world we are going to live in when children who are supposed to be our future leaders are born and brought up under such atrocities. The answer is simple; it is going to be a wild world. To live in a world free of wars and human right abuses, without exceptions, I call upon all individuals, organizations, religions, movements and of course governments to come to terms to guarantee and respect the fundamental human rights of the world citizenry. Let us all reflect back to those hard moments of the first and second world wars when the world citizenry did not hear the beautiful words like peace and harmony but rather the whistling of the missiles and the eventual ugly face of the greatest global recession surfaced world over.

Finally, my fellow world citizens, it is self-evident that everybody does cherish peace be an individual, a movement or a government; therefore without adhering to the principles of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights which promotes and guarantees freedom, justice and peace for all, there cannot be an everlasting harmony in this world.