Federation of World Peace and Love

International Love and Peace Day
Activating Conscience and Inspiring Positive Thoughts
to Stabilize the World


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President of Association of World Citizens
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Sep. 15, 2021



The world is being ravaged by the novel coronavirus as natural and man-made disasters are becoming more common. “Love and peace” are what people are longing for! On this day 16 years ago, during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, I turned the symbolic “Key of the World” with His Excellency Leonel Fernández, the then President of the Dominican Republic. This action represents how the good intentions of a powerful individual can transform the world into a more harmonious and stable place. Meanwhile, we launched an endorsement campaign for the "Declaration of International Love and Peace Day," designating September 15 as the “International Love and Peace Day.”

September 15 is a day for international unity. It is a day for every leader and every world citizen. It is more than a day of commemoration; it is an important notion in everyone’s heart. We firmly believe that the concept of “love and peace” is a signal for world peace. With "love" as the starting point, a peaceful approach is the "process," and the wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang is the "act." As long as everyone activates his or her conscience, every leader and every world citizen holds the key to changing the world and unleashing unlimited power to improve the world.

Sixteen years later, we still face challenges that are more severe than ever, such as climate change, environmental degradation, emerging infectious diseases, international conflicts, political and social chaos, food crises, hunger, poverty, religious persecution, human rights violations, war and terrorism, and a fragile economic structure. However, as stated in the “Declaration of International Love and Peace Day,” love is at the root of everything, and the foundation of peace is built on balance. The concept of “looking at the bright side of things” and the wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang, which allow us to counter evil with goodness, are more relevant than ever and offer a good solution to the existential crisis that humans face.

Activating Conscience: The Moment to Change Is Now

Everything is interrelated and influenced by everything else. Every person's thoughts have power. The following are universal goals for all practitioners of self-cultivation: to learn the good and avoid doing the bad, to cultivate the heart and accumulate merits, to help others with compassion and improve the world. We should sincerely respect life and all living things and do good deeds to atone for our mistakes. It is a fundamental duty for the leaders of a nation to uphold the rule of law, respect human rights, and care for their people. In the face of challenges, in order to calm their people and rejuvenate their nations, leaders need to keep their "conscience" active at all times so that they can formulate governance guidelines with wisdom and implement corresponding policies to promote social balance and harmony for the well-being of their people. The owners of a nation are its people, and all trades and industries serve as the foundation for society's normal operation. We must recognize the importance of "conscience" in our work and lives in order for society's basis and operation to be sound. World citizens, regardless of their level of wealth or job position, are all learning to make breakthroughs on their life journeys, face challenges courageously, solve problems with wisdom, change the world with positive thinking, and move the world toward a brighter future.

Today, mankind faces all sorts of challenges; however, regardless of their forms, the power of will and promises made from a pure heart carry their own weight. When one keeps one's vows and unleashes one's strength, such action from the heart is the start of transformation. Anyone at any time has the opportunity to change the destiny of the world.

What We Want: Activating the Key to Change the World

It takes determination, courage, and perseverance to practice love and peace. Love and peace are not just beautiful words, nor does it exist only in songs or imagination. We can start with loving ourselves. By practicing love and peace in our daily lives, we gain a better understanding of ourselves, humanity, and the world. Our wisdom will grow, and we will then broaden our minds and visions and unite with more like-minded people to work toward the goal of love and peace.

People often incorrectly fixate on achieving power, fame, and wealth in this day of rapid information explosion, and they forget that the most essential thing is their conscience, and that cultivating their hearts is of crucial importance. Once we broaden our horizons and look at the bigger picture of our lives and the world, we will apply the principle of Yin and Yang, stay steadfast on the right path despite the trials and tribulations, remain calm and peaceful, and follow our conscience when handling things and people. To listen to the call of conscience is to listen to the call of the soul, which allows everyone to unleash their innate positive potential and realize their divine mission. By turning the power of goodness in our hearts, we can together turn the key to change the world. No matter how dangerous the situation is, as long as we follow our conscience and have a passion for action, we can still safely overcome difficulties and turn the world around together.

On this International Love and Peace Day, let us remind one another of the commitments of love and peace we have made. When we make a kind wish, we will take immediate actions to fulfill it. Let us turn the key of the world for love and peace together and usher in a brighter future for the world.

May love and peace prevail on Earth.

Thank you all.


*Presented at the ICDAY’s virtual event in support of 
FOWPAL International Love and Peace Day