Federation of World Peace and Love

Living Ethics for Sustainability

Nina Meyerhof

President, Children of the Earth, Inc.



Children of the Earth is a not-for-profit seventeen year old, 501 © (3), officially recognized United Nations NGO organization dedicates itself to the building of a more ethical future. To promote this, COE offers children and youth leadership skills programs at home and abroad; educational workshops, conferences and addresses at national and international forums, and fosters building networks and coalitions of groups with common purposes to further the concept of building global cooperation, inter-cultural understanding, spiritual understanding and ethical living skills. Its goal is, that one by one, youth hear the call and individually become spiritually inspired, socially responsible and an active peace builder. Its website : www.children-of-the-earthg.org gives its full history. 

The world is in turmoil. Youth are now 25% of the world's population and in struggling countries between 40- 60%. Many youth still have HOPE. Coming to together as the family of humankind they recognize they are spiritual beings needing to have personal meaning and thus to be altruistic in their life's endeavors.

The 21st century holds the greatest possibilities for an integrated peaceful and prosperous global community. Connected by telecommunications and a growing spirituality, humankind has a chance to actualize an evolutionary state of being. At the same time, the future has never before been more challenged by worldwide terrorism, poverty, rapid climate change, inadequate education and health care and geopolitical unrest. The kind of world that the next generation will experience will depend upon the collective vision and intention of world leaders. As long as the global culture is grounded in fear, greed and scarcity, we will continue to use our human and financial resources for war and destruction. As we shift towards love, compassion and education, we will deploy resources for the common good, lifting up all people to a life of hope and security.

Today, science and spirituality are coming to the same conclusion that all people are intrinsically similar; the human genome project has proven that we are genetically 99.9 % alike with only 1 tenth of one percent that makes us different. Until we realize that I am you and you are me, only then will right action and thought be supported by the universal laws of nature. Until we can concentrate on what makes us the same instead of what makes us different, only then can we deal with the challenges ahead. It is imperative that we spend our time and resources on young people, supporting leadership and educational experiences that promote respectful communities, common ethics, sustainable practices, peace, and economic opportunities.

The only means to saving our planet and having sustainability is for each human being to become fully conscious and from an inner knowing and a statement of living ethics be able to save our world and all of life upon this. Climate change is a mere indication of our collective selfishness and lack of cooperative spirit. Each person must learn to walk in the other’s shoes or we will never be able to understand our value. Earth’s crises is a reflection of our greed and this greed must be tempered by our willingness to be an ethical human being in each and every action we take.

Recently hearing Bishop Tutu as he reminded us we are all family. AND WE ARE ALL Africans….as that is where the cradle of humanity began……and there were two parents for all the children of the earth. Now we are many colors and many faiths and many cultures but when a mother sees a baby hungry she does not ask herself if there is money in the budget to feed this child instead she gives her full attention to find food for a starving baby..and we must do this too. We are all family! Conditions are miserable but they are our teachers. Water problems, food problems, poverty, environmental degradation, climate fears..all resulting from a sens pf personal greed meaning self orientation and lack of ability to remember qwe are all one family of humankind.

PLEASE  HELP  ESTABLISH A CULTURE OF PEACE ,peace as a statement of life in harmony with itself all of life.

* Because the Year 2000 was to be a new beginning, an opportunity to transform -- all together -- the culture of war and violence into a cultureof peace and non-violence,

* Because this transformation demands the participation of each and every one of us, and must offer young people and future generations the values that can inspire them to shape a world based on justice, solidarity, liberty, dignity, harmony and prosperity for all,

* Because the culture of peace can underpin sustainable development, environmental protection and the well-being of each person,

* Because I am aware of my share of responsibility for the future of humanity, in particular to the children of today and tomorrow,



1. "Respect for all life:" Respect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice.

2. "Reject violence."  Practice active non-violence, rejecting violence in all its forms, physical, sexual, psychological, economical and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents.

3. "Share with others."  Share my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice, and political and economic oppression.

4. "Listen to understand."  Defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening without engaging in fanaticism, defamation and the rejection of others.

5. "Preserve the planet."  Promote consumer behavior that is responsible, and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet.

6. "Rediscover solidarity."  Contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity.






Belief in power that is based on force

Education for a culture of peace


Having an enemy

Tolerance, solidarity and international understanding


Authoritarian governance

Democratic participation


Secrecy and propaganda

Free flow of information





Exploitation of people

Human rights


Exploitation of nature

Sustainable development


Male domination

Equality of women and men



Guiding Principles


·  Competition to Collaboration

·  Materialism to Non-attachment and Nature

·  Violence to Compassion

·  Separation to Wholeness

·  Dualism to Unity

·  Conflict to Peace

·  Nationalism to Global Understanding

·  Reason or Logic to Imagination

·  Knowledge to Wisdom within

·  Domination to Empowerment

·  Cultural to Multicultural

·  Demonstrate gentleness, dignity and respect

·  Communicate with frankness, honesty and clarity; avoid blame & pettiness.

·  Keep agreements

·  Assume good intentions

·  Listen and be receptive regardless of age, sex or cultural differences.

·  Avoid taking things personally

·  Take risks; learn from what doesn't work

·  Take ownership for outcomes

·  Attack problems not people; seek solutions.

·  Use discernment rather than judgment

·  Trust the process, even if you don't always agree with the decisions

·  Come from love versus fear

·  Seeking unity versus separation in action

·  Harmlessness in words

·  Use intuition rather than mind

·  Understanding the whole is greater than the parts


So dear Sisters and Brothers, as we are, we must and we will be clear to live a conscious life and create this new culture of sustainability. Let us work together.