Federation of World Peace and Love

The march towards global health
2010 spiritual health bringing affluence and prosperity

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Honorary Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of
Association of World Citizens UN/NGO/DPI/ECOSOC

September 1, 2010


Mankind takes advantage of natural resources for living and destroys the natural environment. The understanding of air pollution began when fire was first discovered by mankind. Many disasters in history and the extinction of civilizations have been attributed to water and soil erosion and desertification brought forth by deforestation and heavy cultivation. Loulan Kingdom, Babylon, Maya and Phoenicia are among the civilizations destroyed by human acts.

The change of the ecosystem affects our living space. In the social environment, the most important aspect is the quality of life as evidenced by the Best Countries Survey by NEWSWEEK, which ranked nations based upon a composite index of education, health, quality of life, economic competitiveness, and political environment; we can infer that social health hinges upon the respect for and satisfaction of basic human rights.

Human beings possess unlimited potential. To be able to recognize the trends for the future is our common aspiration. Only after tests and ordeals will we unlock the gate to reach the wisdom of our unlimited potential. In this century people live in great fear, plan for the next move and pretend everything is fine all the time. However, it is different from reality. Because of the depression and anxiety in people’s hearts, society is not in good health. The idea of survival of the fittest is widespread. Unhealthy international and community relations plow the seeds of destruction. It takes a person with strong health in the body, mind and soul to attack the negative mood. Heart is at the core of soothing people and achieving peace and prosperity. These are the God-given human rights based upon fairness and justice. All nations should place its people at the center and be governed by rule of law. Human rights should be respected and protected.

The contaminated environment, unbalanced ecosystem, escalating greenhouse effects, global climate changes and endangered biodiversity created by our exploitation of the Earth will eventually hurt us and put mankind’s continued existence to the test. The advancement and misuse of technology creates serious pollution and threatens to disrupt the co-existence of mankind and the earth. What is even worse is the culture of pursuing short-term happiness and benefits have generally left people feeling empty, depressed and anxious. This leads to more reckless exploitation of nature. The idea of sustainable development was introduced in response to a call for balance between humanity and nature. Ironically enough, the concept was introduced just as sustainable development was becoming less sustainable.

Since the industrial revolution, over industrialization and urbanization has bred exploitation and heavy pollution, which in turn caused wide disruption to the balance of the ecosystem. Big parcels of arable lands have been washed away because of desertification, erosion, and the expansion of non-agriculture land. According to statistics from the United Nations, about 20 million hectares of land loses productivity every year. The rain forests around the world are quickly disappearing. It is estimated that 100 million hectares of rain forests have been cut down and more than 1,000 species of animals and plants are estimated to have gone extinct along with the forests. Population growth and fast urbanization in developing countries only adds salt to the wound. To sum up, energy deficiency and food insecurity are quickly becoming a reality in our lives. Since human beings are the main producers of pollution and the degradation of the nature environment, we have to bravely take responsibility and solve the environmental problems with a proactive attitude.

It is our responsibility to develop a sustainable future for our offspring. Therefore, we have to strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection, and align our wisdom with the law of nature so as to promote a new economy based upon humanity and sustainability. The most precious treasures in life are to live a happy life, breathe freely, have food and clean drinking water, and have one’s human rights protected. As simple as these requests are, many people in the world are deprived of these fundamental rights. It is very important for martial arts practitioners to be able to tell right from wrong, distinguish between good and bad, and help themselves and others. We all have to change our hearts and start improving the relationship between mankind and nature. We should pursue rich inner beauty, instead of material abundance. Only then will the harmonious balance between human beings and earth be restored and will we be able to participate in the evolutionary process of nature.

A message from the bottom of my heart follows. “The sky is dotted with tens of thousands of stars. It’s time to take actions to stop the violation of human rights. A sigh of sympathy is heard from Heaven. People have lived without knowing the end of the world is approaching. Listen to the faint call from within your heart, trying to awaken your soul. Pure angels will lead the way to have the blessings of Heaven bestowed upon billions of lives. Only self-awakening can help us navigate through an unhealthy future filled with fears. I have known this for long time and my heart is with all. Let’s endeavor until the very last and walk into the unlimited bright future together.”