Federation of World Peace and Love

Moment of Copernican Decision

Francisco Plancarte

Owner, Plancarte



Guadalajara, Jalisco, March 9, 2010


“Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 28

As citizens of the world, we must demand fulfillment of the Human Right above transcribed above. In this:


Moment of Copernican Decision

We need a mental revolution to transform the concept of absolute national sovereignty into the sovereignty of humanity. As Copernicus might phrase it, “governments of one hundred and ninety-two nation states as well as the world power elite must spin around the needs and interests of the planet and of humanity and not the other way around,” as happens today. Governments and the world power elite have the mentality or attitude that everything should spin around, them as Ptolemy might have phrased it, and Ptolemy, as you may remember, got it utterly wrong.

It's time to start the process of transforming the United Nations into a world federation with a democratic, pluralist and transparent parliamentary system, able to enforce the law within the principle of the global rule of law, a system that guarantees peace and progress for humankind, according to the right of self determination of peoples (“We the peoples of the United Nations …” preamble of the UN Charter) which reflects the unbreakable principle of human sovereignty.

The first step is to review the Charter based on the first paragraph of its Article 109, by call of the General Assembly, to set up an ad hoc General Conference anywhere in the world and with no time limit. It requires the vote of two thirds of its members, plus 9 any 15 Security Council members, who may be non permanent members. This call would not be subject to the veto of the 5 permanent members of the S. C., which could only exercise its veto power if there is any proposed alteration or amendment of the Charter itself (art. 108 and art. 109, second paragraph).

The second step is the “transformation of the entity” rather than “amending the Charter,” because we believe that through the process of reviewing the Charter, it will become obvious that the UN does not have the democratic structure and sufficient powers to effectively address the serious and pressing problems that humanity is facing. We must urgently establish world legislation and regulations with coercive laws and governing bodies emanating from a global parliamentary system as a result of this transformation, capable of applying the law to ensure safety, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.

Humanity does not need to rebuild capitalism, fascism or communism because it is obvious the failure of these three systems alike have caused wars, genocide, ecocide and widespread poverty in more than half of the world population. We believe in the world parliamentary system to promote a renaissance of humanistic values and universal ethical principles based on the use of reason, on social justice and on cultural diversity. This renaissance  should be a joint effort of all actors in the global community, and it is desirable that the major political leaders and technological, military and financial power groups understand it and put their knowledge and wealth for the benefit and survival of new generations of global civil society, which in any case will assert the power of truth and human solidarity above individual interests of the world power elites, made up of people who today do not represent a millionth of the planet inhabitants, but hold the power and control the issue of money and the development of the military industrial complex from the US and other powerful nations.