Federation of World Peace and Love

Optimizing Global Governance with Love-Based Education
Advancing World Peace with Hope and Actions of Conscience


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
President of the Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice President of the Association of World Citizens,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI
November 19, 2022

Venerable Dr. Gandhi, Teachers and Students of CMS, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good day!

In today's environment, there is a growing awareness of the existential crisis facing humanity collectively, and people are brainstorming solutions, as we have been doing here for many years. Future uncertainty and pressure from reality are still constant features of our lives. Given the ongoing war crises, accelerating climate change, viruses that are mutating faster than modern medical advances, as well as poverty, terrorism, and human rights abuses that keep popping up around the world, we are indeed confronting daunting challenges and threats to our lives and the world.

Why haven't these long-standing and unsolvable problems in human history alleviated through the rapid advances in technology, medicine, information, and the rule of law? If we reflect on this, we will see that it stems from a deep-seated worry: Will people have access to enough resources? Can we succeed in the fight for survival? This is also the root of most disputes and conflicts. People have been pushed to compete and fight with one another because of this fear from want, and they even educate their next generation to do the same. This inner sense of crisis has caused human beings to create conflicts that appear outwardly, ultimately leading to actual shortages and crises.

The poisons hidden in human nature, such as greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and skepticism, are the root causes of human conflicts and problems, while the solution is love. As I stated in the Declaration of International Love and Peace Day, "When there is no love, there is no peace. Peace needs love and love needs to be balanced.” We need to love ourselves so that our hearts are free from want and fear. Loving others teaches us to be grateful and to cherish the opportunities to meet and spend time with people. When there is love in our hearts, we will see the world differently. The world is a big family, and we are all members of this family in the vast universe. We must learn to think about how to share and how to benefit one another, so as to achieve coexistence and co-prosperity.

Conscience is a treasure given to everyone’s soul by Heaven. If everyone acts with conscience, a peaceful and sustainable world will be realized. If people are guided by their conscience in the pursuit of technological advancements, they will no longer plunder and consume natural resources without restraint but will strike a balance between promoting human wellbeing and preserving the environment. If those in power follow their conscience to administer their policies, public power will no longer be abused to violate human rights through heavy-handed control and oppression. Instead, they will implement conscience-based justice and administration to protect human rights while upholding justice and righteousness. All facets of society will advance positively if people from all walks of life can fully exercise their conscience and ability in their respective positions and improve themselves daily.

The global governance that the world needs now cannot depend on the promotion by a single transnational group or organization. A more efficient way is for world citizens to start "governing" from within by loving themselves, finding inner peace and balance, listening to their conscience from the depths of their hearts, and becoming seeds of love and conscience. From there, people may gradually expand their influence. Prior to uniting others, one must first unite oneself and then expand unity to one’s group, community, nation, and finally to the whole world.

In the face of imminent existential crises and external circumstances beyond our control, we should not only do our best, but also embrace humility. No matter what faith we have, we all recognize and believe in the existence of a higher power in the universe. Humans are small in the universe, but we can be great because of the energy of the heart. Sincere and selfless prayers can awaken the innate and purest human kindness, bringing back tranquility and peace, starting a virtuous cycle, restoring the Earth and ensuring its sustainability. We would like to share with you the World Prayer Day and the Declaration of World Prayer Day, which were proclaimed on October 16 this year, and invite you to pray together for the cessation of war, for the end of human suffering caused by various epidemics and diseases, for the safety of everyone, for world peace, and for the coexistence and co-prosperity of all people.

Love and conscience activate the power of unselfish and altruistic hope for peace. Where there is hope, there will be action, and where there is concerted action of conscience, there will be success. When everyone is willing to carry out their commitment to peace and collaborate with one another, there will be love in society, and a world filled with love will be peaceful. Therefore,  I proclaimed September 23 of each year as "World Day of the Power of Hope" to encourage global citizens to act with conscience and harness the power of hope for themselves, for others, and for global security and sustainability while praying for the cessation of war, the eradication of epidemics and diseases, the safety of everyone, the peace of the world, and the coexistence and co-prosperity of all living things, so that the positive energy of the universe can lead the Earth to the path of sustainable development.

A single thought of evil can destroy the world, while a single thought of goodness has the energy and power to rebuild the world. We believe that Heaven will help those who do good deeds with a sincere conscience. You and I are important enablers of a peaceful world. From today onwards, let us consolidate the power of our sincere hope, apply our conscience, and do good deeds daily so that we will be able to create our own Heaven on Earth together.

May the conscience in global citizens be awakened.

May everyone do good deeds.

May all living things on Earth be blessed with peace.

May we all work together for a bright future.