Federation of World Peace and Love

Protecting the Human Respect and Rights for a Sustainable Future

Sudath Bakmeewatta B. A, LL. B.

LACDO- Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka


In explaining ‘Human Rights‘, first of all we have to get clarified the word ‘Human‘.  ‘Human‘ means the ‘human beings‘ disregarding the sex, the colour of the skin, the faith, the religion, or the place of living, etc.  ‘Rights’ means the necessary conditions which are needed to a life or a meaningful life.  There are two types of ‘rights’.  One of them is ‘the existence of a condition‘.  For an example, man should have a freedom to work for his survival.  The other one is ‘the non existence of a condition‘.  For example, there should not be a punishment against a man, without a proper judgement. 

‘Human Rights‘ are not things which are given by the government. Human rights are born when a human being is born.  What the government does in this regard is, to accept and protect them.  At the international level, human rights have been accepted and formulated by the world or zonal organizations in which the countries hold the membership.  

No person is born having a hundred percent similarity to another person.  Thus, the outer features of the body may be different.  The inner faith may be different.  The language which is spoken may be different.  The way of dressing may be different.  The main foods which are taken may be different.   But, everyone’s main hope is to have a happy life.

How can a man be happy?  It is by mutually admitting that each man has freedom to enjoy his rights, to make his life meaningful.  Such an admission becomes ‘Human Respect ‘.  When there is a mutual respect among the human beings, it causes to create ‘a sustainable future