Federation of World Peace and Love

Realizing a Culture of Conscience and
International Cooperation with Love and Good Deeds
Ushering in a Future of Hope


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President of Association of World Citizens
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Jul. 3, 2021



The United Nations General Assembly declared the first Saturday of July as "International Day of Cooperatives" in 1992 in order to raise awareness of international cooperation, emphasize the contribution and importance of cooperation in solving global problems, and expand the influence of partnerships with other organizations. To promote self-help, mutual aid, equality, independence, and co-prosperity among communities, the theme of this year's International Day of Cooperatives is "Rebuild Better Together." It is hoped that global citizens will use the collective power of cooperation to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience and recreate a conscience-based and people-centered world where true love, mutual help, and cooperation prevail.

In prehistoric times, our ancestors already knew how to engage in productive activities in groups, supporting and cooperating with one another in order to survive and function as a society. It is clear that the idea of cooperation is ingrained in human thoughts and cultures. “Cooperation" means that people cooperate and collaborate with one another to achieve collective goals, that is, to put the concept of “all for one and one for all” into practice.

The Wild Goose Queue effect is one of the cooperative examples in nature. It shows how cooperatives can be applied in the governance of a nation, business, or corporation. With coordination and cooperation, everyone in the queue can accomplish what is difficult to achieve alone and complete the team's tasks successfully. Selfless cooperation makes people feel happy and harmonious. Teamwork improves efficiency, not just by saving time but also by combining the abilities of individual team members, allowing the team to achieve its goal more effectively and quickly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world, leaving people with the overwhelming impression that "no one can remain unaffected.” The crisis has made people more aware of their interconnectedness with others, their communities, nations, and the world. In the face of dramatic changes, the world recognizes the urgency and necessity of international cooperation. In addition to the pandemic, there are also chaos, natural disasters, man-made calamities, and so on. The restoration of the scarred planet is a big challenge for all humanity. In order to construct a new global paradigm and social norm, we must mobilize all people, from individuals to nations, to work together with the understanding that we are all in the same boat. This goal can only be achieved by awakening the conscience in all people and by caring for and cooperating with one another with sincerity. Only with conscience, compassion, and gratitude will we be able to expand our vision from individuals to the world, from our personal interests to the public good, and turn small love into great love.

Love is the driving force of good deeds, and good deeds are the manifestation of love. We can solve the world’s pressing issues by cultivating a culture of conscience based on love and good deeds. When we have love in our hearts, we will not be selfish or hindered, and we will help the world with a sincere heart without expecting anything in return. This is the embodiment of social justice. As conscience reflects the law of Heaven, everyone needs to self-reflect and act with conscience. By practicing international cooperation with conscience and good deeds, we will lead all human beings to overcome the crisis and rebuild a better world of hope.

Education is the most direct way to nourish a culture of conscience. We can also utilize the Internet to develop such a culture. For example, the promotion of An Era of Conscience, UN International Day of Conscience, and the monthly online activities in support of various United Nations days on the ICDAY platform weave a tapestry of social education to foster the conscience in global citizens, and ways to promote international cooperation. By sharing and exchanging our ideas and experiences, we can gather more positive energy from all over the world and pass it on to more people. Conscience is the driving force for balancing technology and spirituality. Conscience will also inspire selfless cooperation, care, and sharing, facilitating economic development and the advancement of civilization.

Conscience is the lighthouse of the soul, providing hope and direction for sailors on a dark sea. A society with an awakened conscience will have a stronger cooperative power to break through the current darkness, injecting hope and energy into the wounded world, and moving toward a new and better future. Such a future requires our collective efforts. On this special occasion of International Day of Cooperatives, let us calm our hearts and reflect upon our past behaviors with love and conscience. With the concept of one world, we shall rethink a sustainable future and proactive approaches to achieve sustainability. We pray for harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, as well as the rebirth of all living creatures on Earth.

I would like to thank you for participating in today's forum and sharing your valuable suggestions and effective practices. Let us apply our conscience and do good deeds in all our endeavors. We firmly believe that selfless and genuine love will create a warm network for the world, and that the solidarity and cooperation of all humanity will rebuild a brighter and better future for all.

May everyone’s conscience be awakened.

May everyone do good deeds with love.

May all nations cooperate.

May the world be peaceful.


*Presented at the ICDAY’s virtual event in support of
UN International Day of Cooperatives