Federation of World Peace and Love

Realizing the Path of World Citizens for the 21st Century


September 10, 2004


Ms Kirby, Chair of the 57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, Ambassador of the Solomon Islands, Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Representatives to the United Nations, Ms. Bineta Diop, Founder and Executive Director of Femmes Africa Solidarite, Dr. Kumidini Mayur,Chairmen of NGOs, Honorary Committee Members of FOWPAL, Distinguished Guests, and Members of UN/ NGO the Association of World Citizens, FOWPAL and the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, Ladies and Gentlemen: Good evening!

Time seems to pass even more rapidly every year. Though the abundance of knowledge and information blurred the boundaries, and broke the original barriers between nations, bringing people around the world as close as their next door neighbors,  the road to happiness and security gets tougher and tougher for any group who shows great concern for the issues of global sustainable development. Without constructive overall planning, valuable time would go to waste.

An age of challenge is lying ahead of us and every day is an unknown quantity. Even though we are living, we are unable to predict what challenge we will face. However, this instant, good or bad, will depend on what we have done in our life. What is bad will come even faster. We constantly challenge ourselves and seek cooperation and solidarity of all countries. Finding a balance among all things is a method, a road for our future to take.

Man proposes but God disposes. Therefore, to develop a sustainable future, we must work diligently to ensure that our descendants can enjoy the freedom of survival. We have been robbing our descendants of the legacies we need to leave to them. It is urgent and essential to change our existing strategy. This is the challenge all nations, rich or poor, must face.

We have to realize the path of world citizens for the 21st century. The world in the 21st century is one that requires an environment of peace and love. Human beings have survived numerous and man-made calamities, have gone through tests spawned by natural elements and experienced adversity. To stride toward a better future, world citizens should be united and should cooperate with one another. Culture acts as the testimony of history. Peace can comfort a traumatic soul. Love can keep sorrows at bay. "Love and Peace" is the only road to happiness and security for a viable world of the future.

Insufficient wisdom prevents an excellent leader from generating a good solution to a problem because he cannot control the fearful unknown. To expand his territory, he has a bird's eye view of a concept. One remark may immediately spark the beginning of a war. What a person needs most is speaking skills. When they meet, two persons should interact with each other, take the Tai Ji middle way and strike a balance.

In this world "money and the emergence of conflicts" are major hurdles to realizing the path of world conscientious citizens. Because everybody needs money badly, no restriction can be put on its limit.  People fight for it but do not use it wisely.  Currently, the development of biological technology cannot replace the laws of nature. Safety factors of technology and their effect on the environment have to be greatly augmented. Universally connected communications networks have contributed to world change.

The United Nations has exerted its influence in order to arouse people's attention and has inspired people to take actions. For decades UN has won people's trust through constructive programs to improve people's lives, hoping to encourage interaction with non-governmental organizations. As is written in the Declaration of Human Rights for World Citizens, "Peace originates from the harmonious relationship between humankind and nature.  Human rights originated from respect between people. May world citizens share freedom.  May human rights be safeguarded, and may peace be practiced. Love illuminates the world."

I appreciate your participation. This is a great interaction and a good beginning of Millennium Development Goals. I hope that there will be more people to join us for the same goal. May “Love of the World, A Wish for Peace” will turn into reality. May everybody lead a happy nd hamonious life.

I wish you all the best. Thank you for your time.