Federation of World Peace and Love

Responding to the UN Reform:
Worldveiws of Love and Peace


Your Excellency President Eduardo Rodríguez of Bolivia, permanent representatives to the UN, NGO chairpersons, International Committee Members of Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), distinguished guests, members of UN NGO Association of World Citizens (AWC), FOWPAL and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, 

Let me express my gratitude for the time and effort the heads of state, delegates, UN Ambassadors, and our partners have committed in the past few days. The United Nations plays a pivotal role in achieving global peace and security and promoting collective progress. Nations and NGOs are not absent either. The UN, NGOs and nations are dedicated to the benefit of billions of people, not individual interests.

I am zhang-men-ren (similar to leader) of Tai Ji Men, an ancient menpai (similar to school) of qigong and martial art. Tai Ji Men has preserved the cultural essence of thousands of years and the wisdom of ancient sages. Tai Ji Men dizi (similar to students) are Tai Ji Men practitioners, living in this world for the benefit of others. I have dedicated more than 60 years of my life to the advocacy of global peace, stability and development. The ancient wisdom of yin-yang philosophy is the highest state of Tai Ji, the most important rule of nature, and the key to the success of UN reforms. This philosophy must take root in our fundamental thinking. In other words, it is that “the wisdom of yin and yang provides the greatest model of how to govern a nation”.

Life is filled with variety. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is well aware of the actions of the UN over the last 60 years. In his report on the work of the UN, the Secretary-General points out that special envoys have been sent to close to 20 countries and regions to prevent and resolve conflicts. He and his envoys have visited various hot spots. With an aim of sustaining peace in mind, countries and nations are contributing unselfishly.  A Chinese poem says “When will be the end of spring flowers and the autumn moon? And how many bygones do you still hold on to?” That is, we need to let bygones be bygones and strive for a better world, this is the best description of UN’s 60 year history.

The United Nations is an inter-governmental organization composed of 191 member states. The inherent design makes the UN a coordination center and not an authority. I have spoken publicly at the UN promoting the principle of ruling based upon the aspirations of the people and the rule of law, based upon actions of impartialness and unselfishness, and based upon the respect for the Heaven and the Earth. The effectiveness of UN in maintaining global peace and stability depends upon the realization of righteousness and conscience. This is the way to foster a world of peace.

The road to the future is still long. The sunshine after a storm is especially lovely. Love of the world is our aspiration. One world is already an accepted reality. The bright future is in our hand. As long as we have sunlight in our heart, the world will be lightened as well. Shouldering responsibility is a commitment. God is looking at all this and he will guide our actions. God will not hand a fish to us but he will show us how to catch one. “Reform” with new meaning is the message for 2005.

We are pleased to have His Excellency President Eduardo Rodríguez of Bolivia, His Excellency Ambassador Mr. XXX and other guests here sharing with us their experiences and thoughts. The most important is physical and mental health. The philosophy of love and peace requires endless and borderless caring. I would like to share with people my life experiences. A Qigong practitioner is able to feel the slight vibrations of magnetic fields. Tai Ji Men practitioners are even able to shape the formation of positive or negative magnetic fields. The earth has a crevasse in our living environment because of pollution and destruction. Eliminating the bad words, quarrelling and fighting between countries will prevent invisible harmful energies from being created. Maintaining a good heart with commitment to constant improvement and purging invisible pressure is the way to save the world in peril.

This is sincere advice for countries and nations. It is based upon what I have seen and what I have practiced. Belief is an ideal and a path. Belief will exert great power. Life goals will be achieved. This is the sincere and genuine nature people should hold on to and understand. We all believe that the day of love and peace will be coming soon.

As globalization spreads, the threat to security multiplies. The UN is the most universal and authoritative organization responsible for fighting dangers to our common security.  In order to develop strong international security, it is absolutely imperative to enhance the mechanism of collective security alerts with the UN being at the center. This mechanism should be based upon respect for human rights, realization of larger freedom, and appreciation for all things.

When we walk out the door, another window and gate will be opened in our hearts. Beautiful sunlight will be spread in our hearts on the last day of tomorrow’s General Assembly held at the UN. September is a month for unity.  Let’s declare September 15, 2005 the International Love and Peace Day. May peace, stability and security be with us.

May the UN continue its role of leading sustainable development. May all countries prosper and all of heads of state, Secretary General Mr. Annan and the world have health, happiness and success. May every participant have the dreams come true.