Federation of World Peace and Love

Responding to the UN Reform
The Path to Global Survival –
The Wisdom of Yin and Yang

Zhang Men Ren of Tai Ji Men
President, Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy
President, Federation of World Peace and Love
Honorary Vice President and Advisory Committee Member,
UN/NGO Association of World Citizens
Dr. Hong Tao Tze
September 7, 2005

UN Ambassadors, chairmen of NGOs, International Committee Members of the Federation of World Peace and Love, Honored Guests, Members of the UN/NGO Association of World Citizens, The Federation of World Peace and Love, and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, Ladies and gentlemen, good evening:

At this United Nations’ 60th Anniversary, in which UN Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, has specially invited heads of state and government officials from around the world to the 2005 World Summit, I am pleased to be here with you and to make contributions to UN reform.  Last month, the UN/NGO Association of World Citizens celebrated its 30th Anniversary and held an international peace conference in response to UN reform.  Your presence at the “World Summit of Love and Peace” is solemn and esteemed.

In this 21st Century, human beings have controlled almost all the resources and technologies on earth.  We clearly have the power to achieve a sustainable future, and spare ourselves of poverty and suffering.  The most basic human rights that God has given us are life and space for our existence.  Over the past 60 years, through hard work and mobilization, the role played by the United Nations has become ever more significant.  She has brought to governments around the world democracy, freedom, security, equality, and human rights.

Furthermore, it is important to have leaders who can turn the keys to the world.  How Yin and Yang philosophy is made use of determines the success or failure of reforms.  Productive thinking and improvements in coordination are issues for the Security Council.  Upholding the voice of human rights is an issue of concern to international communities.  Here, I appeal to the United Nations to establish a “People’s Parliamentary Assembly,” to let the true voices of the people be heard by the United Nations, and to refine the mechamism by which to carry the will of the people forward.  Every department of the UN/NGO can lend a good helping hand to the UN.  They need to enhance their abilities to handle various situations.  They must sufficiently adapt themselves to the needs of the 21st century, so that they can achieve their goals.

In this rapidly changing environment, emergency situations can occur at anytime; if we understand the wisdom of Yin and Yang, we can have all kinds of opportunities at hand.  The philosophy of Tai Ji can be found everywhere, and can include everything; it can never be exhausted or used up.  Be it the viewpoint of life, life science, sociology, theology, or spiritual culture, anything that has to do with wisdom and completeness can not be void of “heart kungfu.”  The survival and future destiny of living creatures throughout the world is decided by Heads of State gathered at the United Nations at this time.  With the “philosophy of Yin and Yang,” there can be balance between internal and external, between domestic and international, and amongst the five continents.  Then the road to survival for life in this world can be expansive, with a bright light illuminating the way.

Life is like a dream.  Deep within a dream, no matter how lively or colorful it is, what can really accompany people to the end of their lives?  Achievements and failures have all passed; letting no troubles or worries into one’s heart is the only way to bring life close to perfection.  Having deep insight into all phenomena on heaven and earth, and establishing long lasting peace for generations to come make our hearts boundless.

Lastly, I wish every country prosperity, its people happiness and wellness, and every one of you health, happiness, and joy.  Thank you!