Federation of World Peace and Love

Sharing Goals for Economic and Social Development
The Urgent Need For Global Solidarity

Dr. Hong Tao Tze, Shi-fu
Honorary Vice-president & Advisory Committee of the AWC and
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men

Dear Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon!

The 20th century survived its turbulent years and the 21st century is now upon us.  It is necessary to unite the world without delay, which can only be reached by striking out along the path of global solidarity and peace.  Non-governmental organizations associated with the United Nations and all the delegates of the Association of World Citizens are playing the role in pushing forward this goal and building a better world for all humanity.

 For the past ten years, technology has advanced rapidly, such as universally connected communications networks, the breakthrough and development of biochemical technology, and the application of the energy mode.  It has thoroughly changed human beings' traditional way of life.  It has become a shock to old society's value systems. In addition, it has broken through the original barriers between nations and united human beings into an organic whole.  They have shared misfortune and happiness.  Ecological, environmental, social and political crises that occur in any area can affect the entire globe in a split second.  Especially, any risky and impetuous action of an ambitious man can push human beings into darkness and tragedies.

Human beings have created a glorious technological world for themselves.  However, it has caused them to become overly dependent on material wealth.  It has in turn brought with them the retribution of nature.  Natural and man-made calamities occur one after another in every corner of the world.  Innumerable people suffer from war, disaster, famine, and death.  Human life meets with serious challenges.

Spirituality is the origin of human thinking and acting.  A person's physical and mental health is closely related to a country's development and harmony.  Love and concern serve as the most effective way to reassure people.  Respect Heaven and Earth, let nature take its course, and calamities will be reduced.  Both love and concern are the roots of human security.

I am an heir of an ancient culture. Facing the world full of disputes, I firmly believe that "wisdom" is the sharpest weapon to turn war into peace.  And "culture,” the crystallization of our ancestors' wisdom, is the foundation of a country.  In this new century, international relationships should be built on peace.  Culture serves as a bridge of communication.  This way, people will exchange views harmoniously.  Then they will make the most of prosperity and wealth that are brought about by technology to improve economy and to reduce the extremes between the rich and the poor.  The further advancement of civilization depends on mutual aid between people.  Sincere concern for each other will inspire people's wish for peace.  It is also protection for human rights and impetus for human beings to advance.

World harmony is everybody's dream.  Citizens of the global villages are less likely to experience suffering, fear, war and pain when they own hearts of "love of the world."  One should love oneself, love all mankind, and love one’s country and others’ countries.  One should show respect for families, human beings, all countries and global ecology.

I hope that the action taken by leaders of World Citizen Centers will link the hearts of people of this world, and bring about sincere cooperation between people and between countries.  Through the understanding of the world community, citizens of the global village will fulfill their duty so that the earth will last forever and nourish all things.  This is our obligation to the world and is also the most valuable legacy we can leave for our offspring.  I expect our mutual efforts will inspire greater response and create a better and more promising world in the 21st century.