Federation of World Peace and Love

Name Organization Title Country
Prof. Mansour Ghazi Zahedi Founder & President, The Peace Center of Iran Iran
Mrs. Seung Lee Chairwoman, International Diplomatic Good Will Association. South Korea
H.E. Azad Dhomun Special Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Mozambique
Mr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda Permanent Representative of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to the United Nations Libya
Mr. M. Naeen Qureshi Chairman of the Pakistan Crescent Youth Organisation, Affiliated with Ministry of Cultural, Tourism & Youth Affairs Government of Pakistan Pakistan
Dr. Dinesh Ramjattan Special Advisor & Permanent Mission of Mauritius , Former Minister of Mauritius , Advisor to Prime Minister of Mauritius Mauritius
H.E. Rafick Elahee Ambassador Liason Officer, Mauritius United Nations Association Mauritius
Ms. Selma Brackman Executive Director & President, War and Peace Foundation United States
Ms. Mei Mei Ho Consultant of Foreign Trade of City of Industry, CA United States
Ms. Rita Valenzuela Former Mayor of Monterey Park, CA United States