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Critical movement of 2014 An Era of Conscience in United Nations Solutions to creating sustainable futures


Critical movement of 2014
An Era of Conscience in United Nations
Solutions to creating sustainable futures

The 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference has been held at the UN headquarters in New York, with the focus on the Millennium Development Goals and future development agenda. In this time of turbulence and uneasiness, crises could be triggered at any moment.  It is difficult to tell true from false, good from bad, and right from wrong.  People’s hearts are surrounded by anxiety and uncertainty. Therefore, on January 1, 2014, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), the Association of World Citizens (AWC), and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy co-organized the movement of “An Era of Conscience.” During the conference time, the 2014 FOWPAL World Summit on Love and Peace will be held in New York. UN ambassadors, NGO leaders, and elite leaders from all circles will be invited to participate in the movement of “An Era of Conscience.” Through this movement, we hope to assist the United Nations in the promotion of a delicate balance among economic growth, environmental protection, and social justice for mankind’s continued existence and the sustainability.


The attending VIPs are Ambassador Caleb Otto of Palau, Ambassador Mamadou Tangara of Gambia, Irma Loemban Tobing-Klein, former Surinam Ambassador to the UN, Elaine Valdov, former chairperson of the Executive Committee of NGOs/United Nations DPI, Peter Gorgievski, CEO of Global Dialogue Foundation, Elizabeth Carll, President of Communications Coordination Committee for UN, Julie Gerland, Chief UN Representative of OMAEP, Bircan Unver, Founding President of The Light Millennium, Cedile Guldote-Alvarez, President of Philippine Center of the International Theatre Institute, and many other NGO leaders and members from all over the world. Together, they will empower the symbol of Era of Conscience movement and promote their campaign. Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, President of Federation of World Peace and Love, draped the VIPs with the Era of Conscience scarf. This symbolizes that, starting from the United Nations, the Era of Conscience is beginning to spread all over the world.


Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, President of Federation of World Peace and Love, mentioned at the summit that the Era of Conscience is the framework that will build a sustainable future. Only when conscience and righteousness are at the center of strategic planning will we be able to create a world were human beings are and Mother Earth co-exit peacefully, allowing us to usher in sustainable development to defuse the risk of systematic collapse.


Duing the summit, four VIPs of NGO shared their contriutions to the Era of Consience movement. Mister Divino Roberto Verissimo of Brazil devoted his career to protecting children’s rights. He believes conscience is the root of eliminating the violation of human rights. We must use a kind, pure heart to cherish the younger generation. The founder of Montasouri schools in India, Dr. Gandhi, has devoted his life to educating the young. He believes that you must begin to teach morality at a very young age and use love to nurture children. His career is an example of the practice of conscience. Another VIP, Polly Han, is the youngest NGO member. She is an international volunteer, who also shares her own personal experience with the spirit of conscience. Her speech, both clear and passionate, moved the audience and allowed the spirit of conscience to be felt.


Young generations are the future leaders of the world. A group of young volunteers from FOWPAL, wearing their vibrant orange uniforms, performed a combination of chinese martial arts and dance. The audience could feel the energy that the dancers put into all of their movements. They performed the song “the Power of Love” and the “Dragon Horse Dance” to inspire citizens of the world to devote themselves to the Era of Conscience in the hope that when they returned to their own lives, they would inspire even more people around them, creating a ripple effect.


      After the summit, the ripple effect of the Era of Conscience has already started to take effect. The members of NGO are already beginning to understand the meaning of conscience. Nigerian member of NGO Vera Daniel has decided to devote herself to young people’s  rights. Because the people who make the county’s policy lack conscience, the young people of Nigera routinely face gun violence. She hopes to start an Era of Conscience movement in Nigeria and to allow the leaders to understand that children don’t need guns. What they need instead is a good environment, education, and love. Ed Barry, an American, focuses on sustaining environmental resources. He believes that if we can honestly use conscience to think about our issues, we can find a way to take care of neccessities and protect our environment at the same time. We must think of these issues because that is our responsibility as citizens of the Earth.


      Until now the movement has received supports from people from 184 nations, and co-promoting from more than 1,700 organizations. We invite you to join us in promoting an Era of Conscience by going online and reading about our work at www.aneoc.org and signing the declaration of an Era of Conscience, or you can join our organization and become a member of this movement.