Federation of World Peace and Love

The Journey in West America -- Hero of Conscience Visit Ghirardelli Square to Spread Love and Peace


The Movement of An Era of Conscience, which is collectively initiated by the Federation of World Peace and Love, Association of World Citizens, and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, has gained supported from 188 countries. The volunteers arrived in the West Coast of USA on June 6 to carry out a series of culture activities of love and peace, kicking off in Los Angeles. On June 10, the volunteers visited the old chocolate factory in Ghirardelli Square, a famous sightseeing spot in San Francesco. They add a touch of love and peace into the lovely smell of chocolate and share with the tourists from all over the world. 

The volunteers from FOWPAL, AWC and TJM presented a wonderful culture feast, including chorus, Dragon and Horse Dance by Energy Boys & Girls, silk umbrella dance and martial art performance. Tourists from all over the world were amazed by the performance. They stopped, watched and smiled. The assistant property manager of Ghirardelli Square, Katie Mitchell, awarded TJM a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Ghirardelli and said: “Ghirardelli Square and its visitors thank Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy for its performance on 6/10/2015. We enjoyed having you and hope that you come back soon!” “There is more than way to spread the movement but I think by doing it through art is really effective.” “I think the whole culture of peace and love really speaks to everyone. It is great way to connect people.”

The event “The Awakening of Conscience: World Citizens Supporting Love and Peace” was held at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City on June 6, 2015. 300 famous celebrities, including the founder of Family Film Award, Mr. Antonio Gellini, actress and singer Rebecca Holden, famous music producer, Joel Diamond, comedian/ Oscar Award winner Eslam Shams and singer Alston Koch, attended the event to show their supports to the Movement of An Era of Conscience and to spread positive energy to the world.

A rarely seen, ancient, and solemn ceremony of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love was held to memorialize An Era of Conscience in Hollywood, California, and the whole world. At the event, Diane E. Watson, former U.S. Congresswoman and Ambassador, Allan Jay Friedman, an award winning producer-writer-composer-lyricist, founder and president of Picture Book Productions, and president and CEO of The Family Film Awards and The Olympia Awards, Randal Malone, president of the Southern California Motion Picture Council, and Antonio Gellini, founder of The Family Film Awards and The Olympia Awards rang the “Bell of World Peace and Love” and made their wishes for peace. In addition, President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, Chairman of Foreign Affair Committee in House of Representatives Ed Royce, US Congressman, Michael Honda, California’s Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, California Assembly Member Ling Ling Chang, California Assembly Member, Young Kim, Honorary Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gate and Mayor of Alhambra Gary Yamaguchi all send their congratulation letters to wish the best for the event. 

On June 7, the volunteers were invited to the happy paradise – Disneyland in California to promote the movement of An Era of Conscience. The excellent culture performance and martial art are the gift from Tai Ji Men to Disneyland for its 60th anniversary. Disneyland Park also presented the “Disney Performing Arts award” to Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy to applaud their dedication to the arts.The initiator of the Movement, Tai Ji Men Zhang-men-ren, Dr. Hong, Tao Tze also attended the event and gave the Certificate of culture Exchange to Disneyland.

The Movement of An Era of Conscience is collectively initiated by the Federation of World Peace and Love, Association of World Citizens, and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. Numerous places in the world have responded to the movement. Now a series of events have being held in Wall Street of New York, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills of California. Until now, a total of 188 countries and over 2,900 groups have responded to and are promoting the movement. Welcome to visit the website of the Movement of An Era of Conscience at www.aneoc.org , and create an era of love and peace together.