Federation of World Peace and Love

The Awakening of Conscience:

World Citizens Supporting Love and Peace

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of AWC,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and
Associated with the UN DPI
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
June 6th, 2015

Life is a journey of continuous learning. We all face challenges and lessons tailored to each of us. With a tranquil and pure heart will we find the right directions out of the chaos, overcome difficulties and go beyond the boundaries that currently exist for ourselves. The philosophy of yin and yang, originating in Chinese culture, emphasizes the balanced, centered way. Striking a balance allows us to be free from stresses of the fast-paced, busy life.

Everyone is the leader in their respective field as well as a world citizen aware of the pressing issues the world is now facing. The abnormal phenomena in the natural environment, geopolitical tensions and regional conflicts are all causes for our uneasy hearts. However, once we calm ourselves and reflect upon causes of all the chaos weighing on our hearts, we will realize that conscience is the only solution. If every world citizen can listen to the calling from the conscience deep within, we will be able to resolve conflicts and calamities by bearing a kind heart, saying good words, doing good deeds, and respecting ourselves, others, heaven and earth.

At this critical moment, we are in a race against time, every conscience that is awakened counts and will increase the odds of our survival. Only when we work hand-in-hand and get more people to awaken their conscience will we bring hope for tomorrow.

Love is the key to settle conflicts. Happiness is the motivation to move forward. And heart is where this power originates. When you open your heart, a new life begins. May all with an opened heart be filled with love and joy. May all unleash the passion for life. Let our influence spread to change the world and change our fate. Let us create a world of peace and wellbeing.


Blessings from the East have come from an ancient culture shining bright.

Hearts without boundaries meet from a thousand miles apart.

Likeminded travelers pull together, navigating a treacherous path.

Follow the wisdom deep in the soul.

Love and peace can change the world.

Seize the moment to work harder.

Back to the origin with the mission completed.