Federation of World Peace and Love

The Development of the Power of Human Hearts

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of AWC,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and
Associated with the UN DPI
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
September 9, 2005

I am the Zhang-men-ren (similar to leader) of Tai Ji Men. Tai Ji Men is an ancient Chinese Menpai (similar to school) of qigong, martial arts, and the wisdom of Ying and Yang philosophy, which has been passed down from generation to generation for more then five thousand years. Tai Ji Men preserves thousands of years of Chinese culture and the essence of our ancestor’s wisdom. Tai Ji Men upholds the philanthropy of humanity, promotes people’s physical as well as psychological health, exalts the ideas of love and peace, and promotes world peace for the benefit of all humans. I am also the Honorary Vice President and Advisory Committee Member of the UN/NGO World Citizen Association, and the President of the Federation of World Peace and Love.

Tai Ji Men is a place for people to cultivate their hearts and personalities, and to use good qi (energy) to nourish our lives. In this diversified modern society, Tai Ji Men is also a place for people to calm their bodies and hearts, to pursue overall health, happiness, ease, and fulfillment. How much of the hidden potential in our lives can be realized? This is still a mystery to be solved, even though there has been endless research into the spiritual world from the viewpoint of “knowledge.” Under the guidance of a wise man, and with consistent cultivation and refinement of our hearts and personalities, immense and boundless abilities will naturally appear.  Through this cultivation people will understand that “the power of hearts” is the key to unlock the power of human potential.

What can last forever in this world? Physically, there is no everlasting health; as far as beauty concerns, there is no eternal beauty; materially, there is no such thing as forever ownership; mentally, a people’s mental behavior varies from minute to minute and can never be predicted. Our merits, power, fame, and wealth are like clouds in the sky; they no longer belong to us the moment we vanish. The only thing that can exist forever is “heart.” The only thing we can own forever in this world is finding our own “hearts.”

 “The fact is that the more human society advances, the weaker human hearts become.” Life is so busy that our lives are trapped like birds in the cages. Confined hearts are in every corner of the world. The advances of society and civilization have brought to us burdensome side effects. These are not the results we hope for.

Deciphering the secret code of human life is to contribute oneself to achieve a harmonious world of stability, safety, and peace; through this we can find the limitations of human and the greatness of the nature. Maximizing the power of human hearts is kind and good. In the 21st century, human hearts have begun putrefying every rule of the nature. We break many rules of balance but are unwilling to take responsibility. UN Secretary-General, Mr. Annan, has pointed out that the United Nation needs to be reformed to become an instrument to benefit all its members and all people of the world.  Mr. Annan’s words should remind us that when we set out on a task, we must never lose sight of our end goals and the purpose that we intended when we began our mission.  Sometimes it is easy to get distracted from our original purpose, in which case our efforts do not help everyone that was originally intended.

We must adapt ourselves to the needs and situations of the 21st century. Here I will speak of the “kung fu of thought.” Always thinking positive thoughts is a profound knowledge. “Heart” is the origin of human thoughts. The activities within a human body, from brain to every internal organ, have everything to do with the regulation of heart. It is as in the saying “Wherever there is thought, there will be qi.” Thoughts generate the circulation of qi, activating the potential within the bodies of life forms, help to regulate enzymes and hormones, provide the transformation of energies, and even affect the functions of genes. Thoughts help to improve the health condition of life forms at the most basic level.  This is what we mean when we say “psychological condition can influence physical condition.” So cultivating good thoughts is especially important for modern people.

The activation of the power of hearts comes from the guidance of wise men. People can be distracted by fame, money, and various desires, like the puppets in a puppet drama. Every desire is like a string that is dragging the human heart. The wisdom of the Tai Ji Yin Yang is the best guidance to the way out. I would advise people to cultivate the words “true nature.” In order to find true nature, we must treat everything in our daily life with sincerity and truthfulness, by doing so, we can find the gateway to our true hearts. We should also understand that “kindness is the origin” is the most important key. Doing good things for only one day cannot become the accomplishment of a lifetime. We must understand that only if we do good things everyday without regret or resentment can we become complete.

If we love this world, we must treat it with the utmost respect.  Promoting the education of self-enlightenment within society is the best method to change the world for the better.  Through this realization, the betterment of the world can occur as is told by the saying “Now is the best moment to become awakened, while this achievement can exist forever.” Such actions will create good fortune for the whole world. Correct the weakness of our personality, and choose a future of brightness. We cannot choose the home where we were born, but we can choose the “home for our hearts.” We can predict our future by looking at our past; using this knowledge we can create good opportunities. This precious secret lies in the home of our hearts.

A healthy body and mind is the most precious protection for modern people. This can help oneself to find the direction of one’s life. Finding the source of happiness is finding the entrance to the home of one’s heart. The way to return to the origin resides within one’s own body. There is one truth that governs us all, we all want to be good and natural. In closing, I wish that everybody can be happy, so that we can all find our way back to the origin under the bright shining stars of the universe.