Federation of World Peace and Love

FOWPAL International Love and Peace Day
Leaders of Conscience Work Together to Promote Love and Peace and Protect All Living Things

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Vice President of the Association of World Citizens,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI
President of the Federation of World Peace and Love
September 15, 2022



Distinguished guests, dear friends from all over the world, ladies and gentlemen,

Good day!

In 2005, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) held the "World Leader Summit of Love and Peace" during the 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Witnessed by H.E. Leonel Fernandez, the then president of the Dominican Republic, UN ambassadors, and NGO leaders, I proclaimed the Declaration of International Love and Peace Day, designating September 15th of each year as the International Love and Peace Day, with the intent that world leaders would exert positive influences and work together to create a free and just world of love and peace.

As stated in the Declaration of International Love and Peace Day:

“WHEREAS love is at the root of everything and the foundation of peace is built on balance;

WHEREAS the concept of love and peace is a signal for world peace;

WHEREAS people's needs and aspirations should be fulfilled;

WHEREAS love is the starting point, the method of peace is the process, and balanced wisdom is of critical necessity;”

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that people should learn never to allow emotions to influence their decisions, and learn that wisdom can be developed through tranquility. By following these suggestions, one can become a world citizen who approaches difficulties and obstacles with a positive attitude and possesses the wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang, which allows one to manage evil with goodness. Through wisdom and the concept of love and peace, we can find the best, most rapid, most beneficial, and correct way to facilitate UN reform and assist every country. It is the path for the UN and all countries to follow.”

Seventeen years later, it is still relevant and offers a useful method for managing daily life for all people around the world.

Human life is a process of feeling, learning, discovering, and connecting with "love." Love makes peace possible, nurtures it, and helps it grow. When everyone in the global village upholds the fundamental ideals of "love and peace," it is possible for the world to achieve peace and sustainability. All global citizens, including leaders in any field, should approach others and things with a heart that loves the world and protects life. When faced with challenges or opposing viewpoints, people should choose peaceful, non-violent solutions and use the wisdom of yin-yang balance to guide their judgments. This way, they will be able to obtain the key that will advance humanity and unleash the immense power needed to transform the world.

Human conflicts are frequently sparked by differences in religion, politics, and culture, while fights over power and interests, as well as historical burdens, rekindle old animosities and foster new ones, creating seemingly unsolvable issues. The daunting challenges that people are currently facing serve as further evidence of the essential need for love and peace among global citizens and serve as a reminder that we must return to the basics. If we are to put an end to conflict and develop love and peace, we must first awaken everyone's conscience. Conscience inspires people to do good deeds and stabilizes their hearts. When our hearts are calm, wisdom arises, allowing us to see the crux of a problem, without being constrained by the current problems. We can turn a bad situation into a good one with good thoughts and achieve balance, and all things can remain peaceful naturally. As leaders of conscience understand the messages from nature, they act at the right time and at the right place and govern with benevolence and good faith. Because they don’t have selfish desires or ambitions, they can bring peace and harmony to the world. The international community, governments, civil society organizations and individuals should let the good deeds from the heart ripple across the globe and act as a stabilizing force for the world. We should follow the dictates of our conscience, treat others and all things with love and peace, and lead humanity away from suffering and disasters.

Since the establishment of FOWPAL, its members have traveled to every populated continent and held "World Leader Summits of Love and Peace" in different parts of the world. Through solemn ceremonies of ringing the "Bell of World Peace and Love," we have invited important leaders from all walks of life in the world to make wishes for love and peace for themselves, for their countries, for the world, and for future generations. They are encouraged to act on their promises, exercise their conscience at critical moments that shape the world’s destiny, initiate good deeds, eliminate chaos, maintain peace, and inspire more good influences, global solidarity, and cooperation to overcome difficulties together. FOWPAL has also been actively promoting the endorsement of the Declaration of International Love and Peace Day, which has received widespread support. Conscience is demonstrated every time good thoughts and deeds are carried out, and this will create the strongest possible net of protection for all life on Earth. 

“Love of the world is a goal worth our lifelong pursuit, and shouldering the responsibility is a worthy commitment. God is watching over us and will guide us.” To enable the world to turn the corner, it is everyone's duty and glorious mission to make sincere wishes and commitments, foster a culture of conscience, love, and peace, and uphold democracy and the rule of law. Leaders of conscience, let us work together to move forward in harmony.

May the world be blessed with peace.

May every community be blessed with harmony.

May everyone be blessed with stability and security.

Thank you all!