Federation of World Peace and Love

Human Rights Start from Everyone

Dr. K. K. SIM

Chief Executive Officer

VCA Power Technology


I highly respect and appreciate the organizer’s enthusiasm and contribution in calling people from all over the world and all walks of life to have share-contribution to the topic of Human Rights and Save the World in terms of environmental quality, maintain more green in our surrounding, forest preservation; less emission in industrial activities as well as on the road with the idea of fuel saving, to promote less carbon dioxide, maintain more oxygen in our living environment. I am sure any one with sense of responsibility shall response to your effort and calling, of course me too.

In terms of human rights, to my opinion, it has been highly eroded by many means of political factor and interference of certain power crazy people and parties in some regions and countries. It is not difficult to see some protests from the local NGO of these countries, whom they work closely related to issue of human right. Unfortunately the local Act in these countries, joint implemented by the authorities especially the Police, highly against any form of issue and protest if having any smell of discrediting against the ruling party. They will be either not given the "PERMIT" or be put in court for "illegal assembly" carrying fine and imprisonment. Unless if the protest is a Pro-Government one, they will not be disturbed or be closed one eye, or just putting it a show….Thus, How to talk about human right openly, freely without fear under the present political environment, may be one of the means is through Internet. I hope more people will response to your calling to promote a real human rights among all rightful citizens in all over the world.

In terms of promoting environmental quality, beside any local Governmental policy that beyond our touch, I would like to call upon every citizen in every country to contribute anytime starting from now. It is all within our reach, especially if you own either a motorbike or a car, some even have a few at home. We work on cutting down emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) or even carbon monoxide (CO). Very simple, you can either use any of the Fuel Saving items provided in the market, you not only can cut down 10% - 30% emission, you also can save your petrol bill by 10% - 35%. At the same time increase your driving satisfaction due to increase of Vehicle Power by 10% - 25%.

The above recommendation, assuming if everyone cuts down 10% emission which means less 10% of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced while driving, We simply take one big city like Ho Chi Ming City as example, there are about 16 million motorbikes riding on the road of the city everyday. What if 10% x 16,000,000? Which means a result of 1,600,000% (1.6 million %) of carbon dioxide (CO2) can be reduced daily in the whole of Ho CHI Ming City. Just imagine, what a better environmental quality that the 18 million of HCM citizens can enjoy? This is just an example, what about your own city in your own country? Shall you think of the idea of joint-contribution to our daily life environmental quality starting from you yourselves, and spreading to the rest of the people whom you know and whom they know?