Federation of World Peace and Love

2014 International Love and Peace Day
Only When Conscience is Awakened May There be Love and Peace

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President and Member of Advisory Board of AWC, 
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI 
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men 
Sep. 15, 2014

The five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, are the sources of universe’s formation and have a strong correlation with the overall wellbeing of this world. The massive amounts of horrific disasters, unseasonable climate patterns, disruptions of food supply chains and the constant state of conflicts around the world are the results of the imbalance of these elements. These destructive forces are natural consequences, caused by members of our fellow mankind. A sustainable environment and the continued existence of human beings are at risk and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We as a human race are eating the bitter fruits of the seeds we planted years ago. 

Earth, water, wind, and fire are gifts to us by Mother Nature. These elements can either propel a boat forward or sink it. Whether they are beneficial or destructive to mankind all depends on the functioning of our hearts. Conscience is a Heaven-given gift. Everyone is born equal with unalienable rights. Conscience is above the man-made rules and is the ultimate judge of a person’s doings in this life. The scale of conscience is built in everyone’s heart. Heaven is watching us from the above. We have to protect our conscience, listen to the voices from within and do things according to the rule of conscience in order to walk on the right and bright path of life. If we act to the contrary of conscience and live with guilt and greed, the journey of life is like a boat on the ocean without the guiding light and prone to sinking into the deepest, darkest hole of remorse.

Reckless pursuits of self-interest and nationalism have buried the opportunity of seeking best solutions to our pressing problems. Is this the fate of mankind? Rather than living in fear of catastrophic endings and waiting for the death knell, why not take control in our own hands by seizing the opportunity to save the world, to save mankind? 

Conscience is the angel of life, guiding and inspiring people to do what is right. A person with a good heart and kind intentions emits positive energies and attracts the same kind of people. He is in a position to create happiness and harmony not only for himself but also for the whole human race. Let’s all start by acting in accordance with our conscience; respecting yourself and others, and expanding the circle of ripple effects to the whole world. A world built upon the foundation of respect, equality and harmony where everyone abides by the conscience is the way to reach peace and stability. 

Man tends to pray for mercy only when faced with a time of difficulty. Man oftentimes has forgotten that he has been gifted with a bright and merciful heart with conscience. Only during the last few moments of life do men begin to show remorse and regret; without knowing that the way to obtain an eternally peaceful mind comes from daily reflecting of his own heart.    

Conscience is a crucial piece of the puzzle for love and peace. Allowing our conscience to be awakened to save the world is the best opportunity and the last chance for mankind. The qi-gong practitioner is able to sense the minor changes of the energetic fields. Our living environment is cracking (crumbling) due to man-made destructions. We are perched on the edge of a dangerous cliff; conscience is the only way to salvation. Having clear consciences and adapting pragmatic methods for improving ourselves, the positive forces will purify and resolve the unseen looming tragedy. Let us live our lives with sincerity, encouraging others through kind words and making amends by courageously taking righteous actions. With a guilt-free and indomitable spirit, we can jointly create an era of love and peace for humanity.

May the world be blessed with stability and security, world peace and harmony! Let everyday be an "International Love and Peace Day!"