Federation of World Peace and Love

Speech by H.I.R.H. Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Vice President of the Flame of Peace, in celebration of the First International Day of Conscience in Vienna, Austria

H.I.R.H. Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen,
Vice President of the Flame of Peace

Excellencies honored guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. 
It is both an honor and a pleasure to be with you this evening and to be permitted to say a few words. 
I would like to join my previous speakers to thank Dr. Hong Tau Tze and his whole team of Volunteers who through their very hard work have made have it possible for us to be together this evening. The Federation of world peace and love with its several thousand volunteers working around the world is a true example for what is so important today, maybe even more important than we imagine. I would like also to thank all of the guest for their participation giving their support for this important day. 
Today we are celebrating the first official International day of conscience. When we search for the meaning for the word “conscience” we find a very diverse understanding depending on culture and beliefs. Taking this in to account we can say that our Conscience is an inner voice which directs us on the basis of our moral and cultural values to do the right thing. The question of what is right or wrong has occupied man kind since the very beginning of time and is found in every society and every religion. It is the central question of every international debate. 
Today is a call for us to follow that inner voice and not to be deceived in following what others are saying to but to take a stand for one’s principles and values. 
If we take this affirmative stand based on our own conscience we may never forget to respect the conscience, values and principals of others.  
It is this RESPECT which must be the basis for all that we do every day. 
To respect the opinion, the work and the intentions of others is a real challenge for it requires us to stop and to think about the virtues of what has been said and done by others. 
When we listen to what is happening in the world today we may get the impression the geopolitical situation is particularly intense and unstable with 
many threats. If we look back in History, recent or in the distant past we will find that the world has never been an as peace full place as we would like to think. What we can learn from history is there are moments in time when decisions we make have long lasting effects. 
So what makes the situation of today so different to the past.  
On one side it is the magnitude of man’s ability of total and Absolut destruction of our world.  It is our past disrespect for the environment which is catching up with us, it is the ever faster growing world population, it is the incredibly fast, almost instantaneous, flow of information to the whole world’s population (true or false information) and most importantly the world we live in today is on the brink of great change. I could be referred to as the new industrial or cyber-revolution, which I believe, will leave no stone un turned. It is this change that can be very unsettling. If we always flow our conscience then we will have a very good guide through these changing times. 
It is an unbelievable opportunity for us to take advantage of this great change to make the world a better place for us all. Where transparency, honesty and the rule of law will prevail. If we want this change to be positive and lasting then it will take the concerted effort of many good willed persons, following their conscience believing in the goodness of mankind and in a peaceful future. 
It is this will and the belief in the good that brings us all hear together today. It is that what we cherish the most. It is that what gives us our strength to stand up for friendship, freedom, justice and peace in this world. The time has come to stand up for what we believe in and to take the lead. 
It is true leadership that the world needs today most of all. Great leaders have one thing in common they all have a vision of a better future. 
I really believe that the world is in for a very big change and that it is so important that there are leaders and originations like Dr. Hong Tau Tze and FOWPAL who are working immensely to create a real awareness for peace in world leadership to focus on sustainable activities for a lasting peace.  
I conclude in saying that our conscience and respect is an opportunity to make our word better place in peace and friendship.” 
I want to thank Dr. Hong Tau Tze for the wonderful cooperation we have had over many years, for establishing the International day of Conscience, his participation in the Flame of Peace Reception in October last year, his decision to bring FOWPAL to Vienna today. 
I also want to thank the Kingdome of Bahrain and its representatives H.E. Ambassador Yusuf Abdulkarim BUCHEERI for giving this International day of Conscience the importance it deserves. 
I want to thank all of you for what you are doing to make our world a better place working and for sustainable peace.  
I also want to thank my wife Herta Margaret, our sons Horst and Jörg and his girlfriend Marina who all have work so hard that we can make our world a better place. 
Herta Margaret and I have dedicated our lives to the Vision of a better future in Friendship, in freedom and in peace.  
Please join us in this Vision 
Thank you 

*Presented during the celebration of the first International Day of Conscience on April 5, 2019, in Vienna, Austria.