Federation of World Peace and Love

World Leader Summit of Love and Peace 2022
Taking Actions of Conscience: The Key to Solidarity and Transformation for Sustainability

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Vice President of the Association of World Citizens,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI
President of the Federation of World Peace and Love
September 23, 2022


Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, DearFriends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good day!

Welcome to the "World Leader Summit of Love and Peace 2022." During the UN General Assembly, we have gathered toengage in dialogues and exchanges, provide recommendations for the pursuit of international peace and security, andsincerely pray for the world and its people.Today in the 21st century, asthe world is facing multiple crises and is at a critical juncture, we remain resolute in our hope and workdiligentlytoward our mission, based on our love for the world, and the premise that "action of conscience is the key to solidarity and transformation for sustainability.” We have persisted, and I thank you for working with us as partners of conscience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated injustice and inequality within and among countries. It has also exposed the fragility of society and the barriers to international cooperation, posing great challenges to the United Nations. Resource exploitation and developmenthave consumed the Earth's resources, endangeredits ecosystems, and causedsignificant damage to the planet.Extreme weather patterns have resulted in severe natural disasters, for which humanity has paid a heavy price.Food shortages and energy crises have even triggered arms races among countries andsparked wars, resulting in more conflicts around the world than ever before.A crisis, however, also presents opportunities. The world is a big family.Sustainable development is essential for the welfare of humanity, the planet, as well as prosperity and peace. The key to sustainability lies in conscience-guided actions. Mutual trust, solidarity, and mutual help are the important foundations for humans to move towards sustainable living and development. We are in a race against time, and we mustmake breakthroughs, strengthen international trust and security, and speed up the development of climate change resiliencein order to have a chance of achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) before 2030.

The Earth’s environment can last for eons without the damage from humans.However, if human beings don’t follow their conscience, no one can guarantee whether it will be habitable for another millennium. We are undergoing the greatest common test since the Second World War. To change the world’s destiny and improveour collective and endangered energy field, we must learnfrom the past and commit ourselves to making the world a safer place with a penitent and humble heart.With conscience as our guide along withconviction and courage, we must unite and help one another, do our part, and strengthen economic and social resilience. We mustfollow the Charter of the United Nations, integrate the development of spirituality and technology, find solutions to our problems, and support reconstruction and recovery with concrete conscience-driven actions to prevent or mitigate future crises for the benefit of the Earth and humanity.

The pandemic has proven that no one can simply mind their own business. In the post-pandemic era, the world has become very different. To save the Earth, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of everyone. We need to awaken humanity’s conscience and collective kind thoughts. Saving the Earth from its suffering is a process that requires continuous efforts. Maintenance is required after seeds are planted while efforts are required for their growth.A good start, as well asconsistentand diligent actions of conscience, can form a butterfly effect and fundamentally change the thoughts and actions of the citizens of the world. Day after day, month after month, and year after year, the culture of conscience irrigated by love can eventually become a protective shield for the continued existence of humanity.

FOWPAL was established in 2000. Over the years, through various activities, it has communicated with heads of state and government as well asimportant leaders from all walks of life, sharedconcrete experience and suggestions, invited leaders from all over the world to make commitments for peace, and exerted positive forces at critical moments. By consolidating people’s kindness and good deeds and with the power of unity and cooperation, it has been promoting world peace and harmony, collectively building a culture of conscience, love, and peace, and jointly advancing the sustainable development of the Earth.

After experiencing the suffering of the pandemic and war, people now more than ever need to have their hearts comforted. The power of conscience-guided action can bring hope and light. The Secretary-General of the United Nations pledged to leave no one behind in "Our Common Agenda," and he emphasized, "Now is the time to take the next steps in our journey together, in solidarity with and for all people." Whether they are national government departments or civil society organizations, only by working together can they meet current and future challenges. Solidarity and cooperation bring development, progress, and democracy. Conscience is the foundation of human beings and the cornerstone of global stability and sustainability. Conscience guides us to tell true from false, right from wrong, and good from bad, as well as helps us establish priorities.Persistence brings strength.We need to strive for a better tomorrow. That is the way forward and will lead to a hopeful future.

It is the responsibility of all citizens of the world to safeguard international peace and security and develop a sustainable future. Building a culture of peace with love and conscience is the force that unites the nations of the world. Conscience education is the pillar. Through the guidance of conscience, people’s conscience-driven sense will be awakened. We need to take actions of kindness and resolve conflict with love so that people can coexist peacefully among themselves and with nature.

As people of conscience, we take responsibility for the suffering and happiness of the people of the world. We need toact now anddo our best. The fate of the Earth and the world is shaped byevery thought we think and every action we takefrom now on. Conscience gives us wisdom to solve various problems. We should follow our conscience and balance yin and yang. We should work together to create the opportunity for survival, which will be shared by everyone.

Thank you for your contribution.May everyone be blessed with a safe and beautiful life. May good relationships last forever. May you all be blessed with happiness.