Federation of World Peace and Love

Name Organization Title Country
Mrs. Joyce Banda 1) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malawi 2) Founder of Joyce Banda foundation for Girls Education and Adult Literacy Malawi
Rev. Priti Sarman Managing Director of AWC Bangladesh Bangladesh
Ms. Tina Ebey Director of Pacific Research Center, Inc. United States
Ms. Klaus Schittich Public Relations Manager of AWC Germany Germany
Ms. Ingrid Schittich DirectorAWC Germany Germany
Ms. Kirsten Meadows Counselor, teacher, actor, writer Denmark
Mr. E.P. Menon Executive Trustee of India Development Fondation India
Ms. Patrice Samara US Servas, Inc. Executive Director United States
Rev. Kevin R. O'Neil Association of American Buddhists Sr. Editor United Nations N.G.O. Representative United States
Ms. Saida AGREBI.MP Tunisian Mother's Association President Tunisia