Federation of World Peace and Love

Name Organization Title Country
Ms. Sherrill Kazan United States
Ms. Wahu Kaara Director Kenya Debt Relief and member African Conference of Churches Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Kenya
Ms. Tina Ebey Pacific Research Center, Inc. Director United States
Ms. Kirsten Meadows Counselor, teacher, actor, writer Denmark
Rev. Klaus Schittich AWC Germany Public Relations Manager Germany
Ms. Ingrid Schittich AWC Germany Director Germany
Mr. E.P. Menon ndia Development Fondation Executive Trustee India
Mr. Comm. Dott. Tito Lucrezio Rizzo Consigliere Della Presidenza Della Repubblica Consigliere Della Presidenza Della Repubblica Italy
Dr. Zsoldos Imre Fu Jen Catholic University Professor United States
Ms. Kathryn Davis PACIFICA RADIO-Peace and Justice Radio Director, Public Affairs United States